Thursday, June 30

Blissfully Hand-Quilting...

There's nothing more blissful on a miserable cold, wet day,than sitting by the fire, under a warm quilt, hand-quilting another quilt....oh some chocolate and a mug of coffee! That's just what I did all day on Tuesday...and it looks like I may be doing the same today.
Another wet and wild day is forecast for today....boy, did it ever come down on Tuesday...our back yard lit up by the lightning looked like a swimming pool...

I don't think it shows up too well but I have done quite a bit of quilting on this medallion....all the outer circle is done, the star is quilted, half of the crescent shapes around the star are done and the inner background is quilted...I'm just trying to decide what to quilt in the outer corners of the background...a click on the pic may show it up better..
It's a toss up between taking the easy way , and just doing a cross-hatch which I think would suit the design or something more fancy...
I really love how the medallion goes so well in keeping with the circles of the DP's....

Have a great day everyone...♥


  1. It is a beautiful sunny winter day here in Melbourne - not usual that we are having nicer weather than where you are.

    I personally would put feathers around the centre - but I just love feathers :)

  2. I have no advice because your work is so amazing that anything you do will be beautiful. Have fun!

  3. I love your medallion, is there a pattern available, or is it your own design??

  4. Your medallion is so beautyfull!I love it!
    Greetings Marita

  5. Julia a day very well spent!!! and the results are stunning!!!! just let the piece tell you what it wants, like before you may have to sit a spell with it!!!! I'll be so gorgeous whatever you decide!!!

  6. Desde Barceleona con todo mi cariño te felicito por el blog tan bonito que tienes.
    Quiero que sepas que desde ahora mismo me hago seguidora aferrima a ti.
    Muchas gracias por darnos la oportunidad de conocer tus trabajos, realmente son preciosos.
    Hasta siempre

  7. very pretty
    oh I am cutting more fabrics for my DP's don't you just love looking at all the fabric combos!
    looking forward to seeing more of this quilt done

  8. You have had very nasty weather but it is conducive to good sewing. I think the cross hatching would really push that beautiful circle out. Such a lovely project Julia.

  9. The only, and I repeat ONLY, reason I like rain and/or snow, is for it keeping me indoors for quilt-y stuff. I'm glad you're getting to hand quilt. That's something I too enjoy, but don't do often because I can't finish my quilts quickly enough. Sad isn't it? For your corner background, I'd be all for doing a triangular-shaped feather design, four times. If I was nearby, I'd even draw it for you, as I love feathers that much! Continue to have fun.

  10. I love it. It reminds me of a hex sign on a barn from PA.

  11. A lovely quilt, up to your usual high standards, Julia.

  12. Hand quilting is so relaxing! I had to stop quilting my double wedding ring because I ran out of thread! (I bought thread in the Us but it was 50 weight not 40 so now I have to order thread!)

    What thread do you use?

  13. Your medallion is so beautyfull. It is raining here to day. I am doing a bit of stiching.


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