Tuesday, May 24

My little play...& some eye candy..

This is what I've been playing with in the evenings...Drunkards Path, I'm hand-piecing these , something I can do without to much thinking...keeps my hands busy and out of trouble.....♥

This morning I attended a Cancer Morning Tea fundraiser...My patchwork group, The Pelican Quilters were invited to join The Safety Bay Quilters another local group in a get together fundraiser ...it was such a great morning.

The host girls all made yummy treats, cakes etc.... we had raffles, with the proceeds going to the cause....I won a knitting bag full of orange wool, which I gave to my DD ( her colours) and forgot to take a photo of..

Thanks girls for making us so welcome....♥

I did manage to get a few photos, below is one of our girls who was so lucky to win two quilts in the big craft / guild quilt show that ended on Sunday...that's the show that I went three times to...just couldn't help myself !

Quilt #1...a beautiful quilt made by ladies of the guild..love this photo of Mim, doesn't she look so happy!
...and this most beautiful wholecloth hand-quilted quilt...so beautiful, I only wish this photo did this quilt justice.....Dear Mim was so lucky to win these two quilts that were raffled together, she's thrilled to bits...I know they will be very much treasured ....♥

One of the quilts that was show and tell...so sorry I did not get the makers name for this quilt, but isn't it stunning!...

..and this lovely scrappy pinwheel quilt..so lovely and colourful, again I didn't get the makers name...that will teach me to pay attention next time.....there were so many more ...


  1. Congratulations to Mim, how amazingly lucky! thanks for sharing the quilts.I love your little play Julia!

  2. Thanks for sharing. All of the quilts were beautiful. I like the fabric you are using for the drunkards path blocks.

  3. I really like Drunkard's Path quilts - I've made a couple of them. I love the fabrics you're using!!!

  4. I love your drunkards path blocks
    I have been appliquéing mine now for a few weeks.
    They go together quick, it take s more time to chose the fabrics and prep then applique!
    thank goodness for scrap baskets! Thanks for sharing the other quilts very nice, oh yes she looks VERY happy!

  5. Like the fabrics you used in your drunkard's path en thanks for sharing all those beautiful quilts from the show.

  6. Wow, the quilts Mim won are simply stunning!! What a lucky lady :o). Looks like you have some very clever quilters in your group - love the show and tell :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  7. Pretty drunkards path blocks. Wow, your friend is very lucky to win 2 quilts, how fun is that. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts.

  8. Drunkard's Path is one of my favourites so shall really look forward to seeing what you do with it, may even get mine out and dust the cobwebs off. Well done to Mim on her wins, lucky girl.

  9. Your Drunkards Paths blocks should be mounting up by now!!! Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts, Mim is certainly a lucky girl with two wins!!!

  10. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful quilts in your last two posts. I enjoy the inspiration from both shows and from show & tell sessions.
    I like your Drunkard's path fabric choices. Like Shirley, I have some hiding under cobwebs--somewhere.


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