Sunday, May 22

More Show Quilts..

This beautiful quilt won best of show...."Bushwalk" an original design by Rebecca Stewart-Bartell....amazing...♥

Another amazing quit is this ..."Little brown Bird" hand-appliqued by Barbara Perry, embroidered by Robyn Macdonald, Quilted by Jo Northcott...♥

"Bloom" by Jennifer Burton....Turned machine applique, trapunto quilted motifs..just beautiful!..♥

I've been to the show twice already, and I'd love to go again is the last day!

This show only comes around once a year...well, you know how it is...I want to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Only last night a dear friend emailed to see if I saw such and such, and to ask how this or that was done....and I must have missed all that...! I wonder how Dh feels about going back another time, or am I pushing my luck a bit too can only try...!...♥

Maybe off to the show again...have a lovely day...♥


  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of the quilts. They are beautiful.

  2. Such absolutely beautiful quilts...thanks for sharing them and I hope you do get to go once more! :)

  3. I want them aLL, Julia. These are gorgeous, also.
    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Beautiful Quilts TFS Julia..You are lucky to live close enough to pop back to the show for more than one day...

  5. Such beautiful work you have shown in your last two posts. I agree that you need to go to a show a few times to see things that you missed before. So much to take in and so little time. Last show we went to they turned the lights off on us and we left with the stall holders! I will have to keep any eye out for the Thimblelady's pens. I love her needles and use them all the time.

  6. What gorgeous applique quilts. I'm glad you're able to show photos. I make the most of the anuual show too, going at least twice.

  7. Gosh! those quilts are gorgeous!!! The amount of work in them is mind boggling, makes me feel downright incompetent LOL!!!
    I love the first one that won!!! It is so nice to see Australian emblems/flowers etc on quilts, no wonder you went back for a few more looksees!!!

  8. I really wich I could do applique that way. They are so amazing, thank you for sharing them with us. Wouldn't it be magic to have such quilt. I will wait that my kids are big and leave the house...

  9. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts! You gave me a little chuckle with trying to get hubby back to the show a third time. Good Luck!

  10. Beautiful quilts. I know I can spend hours at a show and still manage to miss some of the quilts. Even when I do white glove duty.

  11. oh they are just beautiful! I so wish I had got there Julia - I am sure everything was gorgeous! I really love the second one, .'Little brown Bird' I dreeeeeam of making something as beautiful as that (that includes the ones in your header ;)!!)
    Have a great week!
    Jen xoxo

  12. It would be hard to pick a favorite among these beauties. Must have been a very good show and enjoyable to attend.


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