Friday, May 20

From the Show 2011...long post..

Well, my two days at the show were fun, amazing, and so inspiring....I want to make all the quilts I saw!
Yes, I had to go back on the second day for another look and I could quite easily go much to see, so much to buy...but would you believe I did not buy a single fat quarter...
Violets are Blue an original design by Ailsa Cowen ...♥

US Civil war Sesquicentennial Quilt an original design by Angelene Peters..

My favourite quilt at the show that took out the "Retaining the Tradition " ribbon, this is " Dedication"
an original design based on Jane Austen's Judith Whitaker...
This beautiful quilt is "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" by Jo Northcott...her first applique quilt, with freehand quilting on her by Yvonne Skodt

Close gorgeous is the quilting...amazing!

There are so many beuatiful, gorgeous quilts...applique seemed to be the go this year...♥

This is what I spent my pennies on..

Small light for my machine, rotary cutter blades..and a blade sharpener...this is new to here, so I hope it works... I have so many blunt blades that I hate to throw out..

A panel of printed fabric labels, and some beads, leaves and orchid flowers..for when I get inspired to do some more CQ...

These marking pens were recommend by the Thimble Lady...she said she uses them and they work well for her...coming from her, that's good enough for me...They just iron simple!

That's it from from me for's raining at last...good day for sewing!...♥


  1. Beautiful quilts Julia and great shopping too. Let us know how the blade sharpener works.

  2. Hello Julia, I enjoyed seeing the show quilts....loved the hexagon quilt....two days...retail therapy..well done...hugs lyn

  3. You photographed some real beauties Julia - I can see why two days may not have been enough!

  4. I hoped you would share some of the pretties that you saw! My fav is the Civil War quilt. What a lot of fun this must have been. Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy your new purchases.

  5. Great photos Julia - wixh I could have seen them all♥

  6. Thanks for the eye candy, wow the quilting on he Tulip quilt.
    Like to know how you like the pens.


  7. Beautiful Quilts all your goodies...the pens look good...

  8. They are all beautiful, Julia, but I love the first oe .. it is gorgeous!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  9. Lovely show and tell Julia. That machine quilting is amazing, so beautiful and that hexagon quilt looks like it may be quite small. It will spur me on to get going with my diamonds (minus the applique). I am off to Quilts UK this weekend. Happy day.

  10. Gorgeous quilts Julia, I can see why you went back for a second look! The quality of the work is also very high by the looks of it! Thankyou for sharing your day and your purchases!!!

  11. Thanks for the pictures. Jo's quilt is stunning!

  12. Gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I am hoping to get to the show tomorrow!! Very excited! You will have to let us know how that blade sharpener works, I am the same as you, I hate throwing out my blades, they are so expensive and it only takes one stray pin !!!
    The Dedication quilt is just beeeautiful!!!!!

  14. Hi Julia, Thankyou for showing my quilt on your blog. As if I'm not shocked enough by the awards I have won this year, but to have a dear friend (who follows your blog) text me and say my quilt was on your blog! Thanks again.
    Jo Northcott

  15. You sure saw some gorgeous stuff! I can understand returning for a look. I do the same when the AQS (American Quilters Society) show is here in Des Moines, Iowa, every year. You need one visit for an overview and then at least one return visit to really study and admire quilts. No photos are allowed at our show, though.

    I'm interested in the Frixion pens you showed. I recently saw a video about them. Looks intriguing.


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