Friday, April 29

Yep...Still Waiting!....garage sale buys.

Can you believe I'm still waiting for that bundle of blue this is getting a bit too ridiculous, it's over a month now since I placed the order. I'm starting to think it's gone somewhere else for good!!
In the meantime...I went garage sale shopping, my son's friend's mum (quilter) was down sizing and selling some of her stash...
I just missed out by "that much"...of buying a big plastic tub full of fabrics for $20...someone beat me to it, but I did pick up this book for $5...
Like I needed it, but for $'s a Reader's Digest book, there's everything about quilting in it, must have been worth a lot more....and these..

..backing fabrics, a few metres in each piece...for $1 a metre.

I just love paisley, and a cute novelty motor bike fabric...would be lovely on a little boys quilt..

I've been so good, not starting anything new, while I wait for that elusive bundle of blue fabrics...but that's it...time to start a new project!
What's the bet as soon as I do start on something new, the blue fabric will arrive..

Busy day ahead...have a lovely weekend...♥


  1. That is so true as soon as you start a new project, it will arrive. Nice finds at the sale!

  2. What great finds for you, Julia. Love the juvenile print.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  3. That seems too long to be waiting for might have to chase them up...
    cheers for a Good Weekend.

  4. Great finds at the garage sale! I think that you should start a new project just so the blue fabric will arrive.

  5. Don't you just LoVe a bargin! And you can NeVeR and I mean never have too many books...! :)

  6. I can't believe that bloomin blue fabric still hasn't come - you should definitely start something new I say. You have been very patient - lol ! I am working hard on a cross stitch picture as I really want to start that Dear Jane one. Am going to do as much as possible all weekend - sounds like a plan xxx

  7. It does seem too long to wait... hopefully not missing - just slow. In the meantime - a lovely book to browse and lovely fabrics to touch. Hope you are keeping well!
    Hugs - Shari

  8. That always happens, the best way to get some long awaited thing to happen is to start something else! LOL
    I'm sure now your blue fabric will arrive!!! Lovely bargains!!!


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