Friday, March 4

No Sewing...been busy...

...dealing with "stuff" at home, and catching up with a few things...

Still very hot here, I think that hasn't helped with the sewing time much week is promising to be cooler.

It's Friday already, a new Quilt Uni lesson comes out today, this is the last's been great, but it has taken up a lot of time...

Have a lovely weekend...♥


  1. I hope you can find some time to sew and that your weather cools down for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Things have to be taken care of, right Julia? Wish I could trade you a little cold for a little warmth!

  3. "stuff happens' unfortunately. Will catch up later - loved your last post.

  4. Autumn can't come quickly enough this year, the heat does turn one off I must agree! I don't know where the times goes when we are doing other 'stuff', but it certainly doesn't help my growing pile of 'want-to-do's'!!! I hope you get some time over the weekend to sew!

  5. finding a few minutes here and there to take a few stitches might just make you smile and hold you over for another few days...
    hope all is well

  6. I can't imagine hot weather, but hope it cools down a bit.


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