Wednesday, March 16

New fabrics...guess who for!..

I'm sure it's not too hard for you to guess who this fabric is fabrics you say, well it could only be for Chef son Joe-Da-Chef....

Joe has a wonderful big outdoor wood fired pizza oven...(pop over to his blog)...he makes the most amazing pizza's...he's so passionate about his food / cooking, loves to cook for the family....and entertains a lot outside.
With these fabrics, I'm going to make Joe a couple of long table runners for the outdoor tables.
Not sure if that bottom right side pink fabric will be suitable though...perhaps I'll keep that one for pot mitts for me!
I'm thinking the same design as the Magic Gemstones...not to fancy and not too many pieces, let the fabrics stand out.
It'll be easy to quilt, wash, be striking with the bright colours and functional...
Has anyone used the Insul-Bright batting...I remember reading somewhere, it's best to also put a layer of cotton batting under or on top of the Insul-bright batting...any info would be very appreciated and most welcome.....thank you.
This should be fun....can't wait to start...
Til next time...♥


  1. Love the fabric you bought to make Joe some runners. Can't wait to see the runners you make. Haven't used insul-bright but i've got some to make up a pattern. I'm interested to know about the layer of cotton batting now. Happy Stitching,

  2. Hi Julia, I sure have missed you. I love your idea for table runners with a cooking theme for Joe. Can't wait to see you get started. Sending my best to you and Reno and the whole family.

  3. Oh he will love it! I have used insul-bright and did add an extra layer of batting, I do not remember worrying about if I put it on the top or bottom. It was for a pot holder. Maybe someone else will have more information for you than I do! Sorry.

  4. Lovely fabrics, they will be perfect for him. I have used Insul-Bright several times and I always put a layer of cotton batting on top and on bottom. But that's just me... :) That is how I make my oven mitts.

  5. I use an extra layer of cotton batting when I quilt something with Insul-brite and I love it. I stipple quilted a hot pad with those two layers and you cannot believe how beautiful that washed and dried. Love the fabrics! I have made a "canning jar" quilted wall hanging with some of the food fabrics and they are so much fun to work with.

  6. LOVE those food fabrics!!!

  7. I love the fabrics, I just posted about a few fruity ones I bought and have the same aubergine, how funny. It sounds like a good idea to use the extra batting with the insulbright for anything hot.

  8. I have used the insul bright with an extra layer of cotton or wool wadding for extra loft and insulation.
    It works very well especially in my tea cosy.
    Have fun with the food fabrics - no calories there!

  9. Great idea for your fabrics Julia. Didn't know about using the cotton batting so that is something to think about.

  10. I've used insul brite. As pot holders itdoes need a second layer of something, but for table runners one layer should be plenty.

  11. Lovely fabrics, especially for a chef. I have recently purchased some insul-bright to make some oven mitts/pot holders, but have yet to use it, so the advice on using cotton batting under and over is a good tip, thankyou!!!

  12. Very nice fabric I will be looking out to seeyour table runner finished.


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