Thursday, February 10

Sad Day....

Feeling a little sad today, as our lovely visitors from Brazil are flying back home tonight...can't believe it's that time already... it's gone way too fast!
Here we are Dh, Janete, Fernando and I having a last little get together...we love them dearly...all being well, we hope to see them back by the end of the year for a very special!
As I have not had much time to sew lately, I thought I would revisit some quilts that I made over the last few years.... Some might remember this one..Caramel and Cream, I gave this one to my DD's best friend who was going through a tough time with breast cancer at the time.
It was from a fabric line "Quilting for a Cause"...I thought this was a perfect time to make this comfort quilt knowing some of the proceeds from the sale of fabric will also go to Cancer research..
Good news, is that DD's friend is well, a 100% positive outcome, and it's lovely to see her happy and healthy again..
This is an old favourite table topper...loved it to bits, now I have moved on from this style of quilting to the more traditional repro quilts....

My very first mystery quilt with Bonnie of Quiltville....Carolina Crossroads.

My Civil War quilt design by Susan Smith of Patchwork on Stonleigh ...loved making this quilt, doesn't really suit my bedroom...but I have someone special that I know will love it even more...Sorry can't say who just yet!

"Carnival "...a bright and happy to make and a little out of the norm for me.
Design by Donna Ragone called "It's Sew Me" and you can buy the pattern here...This one went to Brazil, the perfect quilt for such a colourful place......

Happy Stitching...till next time, take care...♥


  1. Beautiful photo Julia and it sounds like there is a wedding in the future! Wonderful! What happy news.
    I love seeing your lovely creations. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing with us.
    God bless you all.

  2. Sorry your company is leaving! But wonderful they'll be coming back! I love all your quilts! You do such beautiful work! :0)

  3. Lovely to see your smiling face Julia, the only good part about friends leaving is the anticipation of them coming back....

  4. Glad you had a great time with your visitors. Love Civil War 1, I have made CW 2 and one day, when I get the right collection of fabrics, I will make CW 1.

  5. What a special picture of all of you. They will be back before you know it! Your work is stunning, thank you for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful phot and you'll be counting the days until they all come back. I love seing your quilts, they're all wonderful and so varied.

  7. Hoping that you and your friends manage to get together again in the not to distant future.
    As always Julia, your quilts are beautiful.

  8. Lovely post Julia. I can feel the love for your visitors and here is hoping the time will go quickly until they are back with you again. How time changes the projects that we make too. We have come full circle with the Civil War fabrics back in vogue.
    Love Shirley.x

  9. It is very hard to say good bye but sounds like they will be back before you know it. Lovely quilts Julia, it is interesting how tastes change. Are we influenced by the trends in the industry or is it a personal decision. Probably a bit of both I suspect.

  10. You have made some beautiful quilts in the last year. I hope that happiness comes back to is hard to say good bye!

  11. Four beautiful smiles on the faces in the first photo.
    Seeing quilts from the past is always great fun. You certainly are an eclectic quilter, Julia. Now and then one is a bit brighter or a bit wilder than the ones you usually make. That keeps the mind fresh, don't you think?

    Sometimes I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed making a quilt outside my comfort zone. Then I can dive back into my comfort zone with a big smile on my face.

  12. Lovely family photo Julia, Janette is such a nice girl you will be very lucky to have her as a member of your family. Beautiful quilts!

  13. What lovely quilts you made, and I enjoyed seeing the pics and sharing in your happiness.

  14. My fav is the quiltville. Bonnie is amazing.

  15. Wow! Wonderful quilts! my favourite is your Civil War Quilt by Susan Smith. :)


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