Wednesday, February 2

Quilts for Kids..

Three more lovely quilts for little foster kids..
Dear quilting friend Sue made these three quilts...What a lovely special lady is Sue..some little kids are going to love and treasure
these quilts.. So bright and happy...just what these little kids need..

..something of their own to comfort and cuddle up with....Just lovely Sue....
Well, it never just rains it really pours and pours here down under....
Please spare a thought for Queensland again..they have a monster of a cyclone heading their way today / tonight...this is said to be the worst cyclone ever....a category 5 !!
I have friends in prayers and thoughts to you Lisa and Amber...stay safe!


  1. There will be some happy kids!

  2. These are so bright and cheerful... so how could any child not smile if they own one!
    I have reli's in Cairns..I'm thinking of them too.

  3. On a happy note, the quilts are colorful and sweet and meant to be cuddled and loved. Well done!

    On a weather note, doesn't it seem that there's an extreme weather event in the news every week? And they're not happy extremes.
    We're hearing about the brutal cyclone headed to Queensland just as a monster snow storm is affecting 120 million people in the US. This is getting so old so fast. Let's hope for some moderation in our weather soon.

  4. With all our Australian weird weather conditions lately the children will be very grateful for these colourful and warm quilts for some security.

  5. Those quilts are so sweet! Yes, some kids will be elated to receive them.

  6. Thank you for making a beautiful quilt like these for those kids, I'm sure they will surely going to appreciate it.

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  7. They are lovely quilts Julia, Sue has done a beautiful job on them.

  8. Wonderful quilts! Very colorful! 8-)

  9. These are cheerful happy kid quilts. Sure to be loved.

  10. Beautifull children-quilts! With my quiltgroup we are also working on some quilts. It is nice to make something for a good cause.
    We are also following the news about the cyclone in Queensland. unbelievable weather isn't it?


  11. They are beautiful Julia!
    They will love them!

  12. I don't usually comment. I usually just stop by to admire your beautiful quilts. But I had to tell you, I am a foster mom. I've had many children come through my home. These children usually come with just the clothes on their backs. The lucky ones come with a pair of pajamas and a toothbrush. It is such a relief and a blessing to these kids to have their own quilt. THEIRS! Something that they can keep and hold onto when everything else in their life is falling apart. Even the big teenagers get comfort from the quilts. They hold fast to them.



    Your service is invaluable! And all us foster parents truly appreciate your contributions, your love. Thank you!


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