Tuesday, February 22

I Got Mail.....Gemstones quilt!

Well what a day it was yesterday, while siting in the doctors waiting room to see him, DH took a bad turn....I don't know what happened, it was all so quick, but all I can say is thank goodness we were at the Dr's and not driving. The nurses and Dr were amazing, they looked after him and checked him out thoroughly.... I'm happy to say he is fine now.

So how lovely it was to come home to find a parcel from Quiltbook.com a great shop that has lots of repro fabrics and great service....also in the mail was this book. I have seen it around the blogs with chances to win one, but with my luck I couldn't see that happening so I thought I'd just buy it...great book, lots of gorgeous quilts that I can see myself making!

That gorgeous Pincushion was from Pia in Denmark a swap we were in a couple of years ago, I love it...♥

Thanks to the girls mentioned in my last post, I was able to find the pattern I was looking for in a book from our local library.....isn't it amazing how easy and simple it is when you know how!
The quilt is called Sparkling Gemstones, it's in a book " Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam & Nicky Lintott.
I had started going about doing this quilt the wrong way, but now that I'm on the right track....I'm thinking, Hmm, white spotty fabric or the black spotty fabric sashings...why do we do this to our selves !!
The black spotty fabric does look nicer and brighter than it does here...♥
Oh dear, I am so far behind in everything, two Civil War blocks to catch up on... my online Quilt Uni lesson for this week, before the next lesson comes out on Friday...and the borders on DD's Pies and Turnovers quilt.....OK, better going a move on...
Have a lovely day...♥


  1. Wow! I am so glad your husband is OK, how scary is that!!

    The pincushion is so cute at first I thought it was a bow!

    Ok stop reading and get to work!

  2. Someone is watching over you and your husband, Julia. I'm glad to read that he's doing OK. You were definitely in the right place.

    I was no help when you asked for assistance, looking for the pattern. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I own that book. I think that suggests that I own too many books, when I don't know what's inside them. I'm glad you were led in the right direction. I'm looking at my Lintott book with new eyes!

    You have some lovely new fabrics, and you'll love Kim's book.

  3. I'm so glad that hubby is ok. Must have been an awful fright for you both. Keeping you both in my prayers. Had no idea of the quilt pattern you were looking for but I'm glad you found it and are making progress. I need lessons from you in how to achieve things...vbg.

    Take care


  4. Hugs and prayers for both your husband and you, so glad all is ok now. Can't help with any quilty dilemmas as I'm in a bit of fogland myself :0). Happy decision making.

  5. How scary with your husbands episode! Glad all is well now and that you found the pattern you were looking for!

  6. Glad DH is okay...the mail looks like fun!

  7. So pleased your DH is OK Julia...love your new project..

  8. Pleased to hear your DH is okay. Would have given you a fright.

    What great fabrics and wonderful book.

  9. I'm glad your husband is okay. It is good that you were at the doctor's when that happened!

  10. Smart girl buying that book! I really want that one but it will have to wait because I'm on a fabric and pattern and book diet this year! LOL Glad hubby is OK! :0)

  11. Wonderful mail Julia. You will be busy for a very long time, hope you can make time for a post or two!
    Glad to hear that your husband is ok.

  12. nice fabrics......hope dh is fine now......lucky you were at the dr's.......

  13. Glad DH is feeling better...how scary.

    Love your fabrics!

  14. Oh Julia, my heart jumped up into my throat for a few seconds when I read your post - you poor dear, it would have been so frightening. As the other commenters have said, you were lucky to be in the right place. Love all your quilt works as always, especially this Sparkling Gemstones one - it looks really tricky, but I guess like so many beautiful patchwork designs, there is a knack to it!

  15. I thought i would pop on over and see what quiltbook was all about....well 10 yards of fabric and 56 fat quarters later i am now broke....broke but happy. I found fabric i have been searching for for ages.

    Thanks for mentioning it will happily return to shop there again.



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