Thursday, February 24

Catching Up...

Phew...caught up a bit...Quilt Uni lesson for this week done!

Played a bit with this.... I'm well on my way with this quilt / ?... Well, I'm calling it a quilt, but things could change, I have an idea for this quilt...I'll ponder on it a bit more and see if what I have in mind will work...hmm!
I'm calling it "Magic Gemstones" that I have it all worked's so easy!
I love the black spotty background/ sashing fabric...really makes the Kaffe fabrics pop.

How lovely are these repros....
Last Tuesday, my little patchwork group were invited to a special morning at a lovely local quilt /fabric shop called Southlands Sewing Centre, ( no web site), they were treated to a delicious morning tea and a discount on anything they bought that morning. I was unable to go at the last minute, but what a lovely surprise I got when one of the girls dropped off a little gift for me from Sharon at the shop.....yes repros!
Do you remember when I was looking for this book....

The last issue magazine that I needed for the third part of the pattern for this quilt...and thought I bought on EBay then it fell through. ...well Sharon who works at the quilt shop came to my rescue that time...long story, but we met for coffee and found that we knew so many same people from our same home town many years ago...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the folk in New Zealand ...I am so sad by what we are seeing on TV...such pain and sadness there...Bless them.

Another hot day to get things outside done first then sew...!

Take care....♥


  1. Your Magic Gemstones are beautiful Julia!

  2. Those Kaffe fabrics are starting to get to you!! beautiful. and yes prayers for all the poor families, so very sad.

  3. I, too, am very saddened by what is being shown about the disaster in New Zealand. Your quilt blocks look nice and how special that you got a surprise gift when you couldn't go to the shop with your group.

  4. You do so many wonderful things Julia - you continue to amaze me. I think of the heat here and think of what those poor people in NZ are experiencing - just terrifying and so very sad to watch. The heat doesnt seem so bad then.

  5. I like the way your quilt is going.

    Yes it is so sad for all the folk in both aussie and NZ. So much saddness.

  6. You have some lovely things today, the gemstones quilt will be lovely. I have the book it's in and it doesn't look as woven as yours. With terrible things happening, it makes me feel blessed, my heart goes out to my fellow kiwis and all the other people affected too.

  7. You got your new quilt pretty. I will have it in mind when I finished some of my ufos, I think that I just have to try make on by myself:-) Luckt girl who got a surprice, fabircs!

    Have a nice sewing day.


  8. Isn't it wonderful when you catch up with things. I am almost there myself.
    What a thoughtful gift from Sharon, lovely fabrics, she knows what you like.

  9. Oh my your magic gemstones is so stunning, i love the borders, your right they make the fabric pop. Please be sure to post pictures of its progress!!!

    Ann Flowers

  10. The Magic Gemstone quilt will be beautiful, love those Kaffee fabrics with the black dots. What a nice surprise to receive the Repo fabrics. I'm also sorry to hear about the devastation in New Zealand, my thoughts and prayers are with the families.

  11. oh I like your quilt it will look great a bit bigger.
    oh my auntie greens' quilt is one of my favorite quilts, do you have the book THe Fabric of Society as soon as I saw that quilt I went crazy!
    just love it.
    can't wait to see your version.


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