Friday, February 18

Auditioning a Border for the Pies...

It's Friday already and I haven't really done much sewing this week, I did manage to get the last row on this and have it ready for the borders...

All being well, I hope to have the borders on my DD's Pies and Turnovers Quilt this weekend.

Now she loves orange and bright...I did think about adding the border on the left, it's the same fabric as in some of the pies...then I thought I should tone it down a bit with the burnt orange spot fabric on the right, but it's her quilt and DD loves bright!

I also thought about adding a small pie and turnover block in the corners of the border...hmm,not too sure about that, I'll ponder on that idea a bit...
Still very hot here.... I'm off out in the garden now, for a bit of weeding before it heats up...
Have a lovely weekend...♥


  1. I like the orange Julia, it just makes it sparkle...

  2. I like the bright orange too. It's very pretty Julia.

    Hope you have a good weekend. All my love to you and Reno.

  3. I think the pie on the corners is a good idea. Carries out the theme of the quilt.

  4. I just love it...the brighter the better!

  5. Wonderfully scrappy, looks great, nice idea for the pie in the corner. I really love that pattern, you have put your own spin on it too.I enjoyed making Sue Daley's Under the Southern Stars and I am keen to start a Dresden plate quilt.
    can I be different and say I like the deeper orange for the border?

  6. I haven't made any pies and tarts in ages Julia and looking at yours now has made my mouth water they look so good. I think the orange border looks great and if DD loves it too then it is a winner. Good idea for the corners too.
    Love Shirley.x

  7. Love this Quilt & I go with the Orange too it really brings the colours out...

  8. I really like your bright pies a lot!
    Now that my pies and tarts are finished I may have to copy you and do a bright one.

  9. Love the little pies in the corners. And even though I'm not a huge fan of orange, the brighter one does look better - at least in the web picture. Good luck.

  10. I like the orange...It makes it really pop!

  11. Really really love this quilt. So pretty and so much for the eye to look at. Love the border.


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