Wednesday, January 19

Pies Update...Flood Appeal..

Just checking in...These are my pies and turnovers so far. I'm just going to keep going making these until I think it's a big enough lap quilt. My DD loves I think that's where it's going to call home..
I played around in my EQ7, with what I've learnt so far, I managed to draw up this version of my pies and turnovers. I still want to play a bit more and change the borders, but two weeks ago I couldn't even do this...
Gentle Reminder...
Thank you all so much for the bids so far on my flood appeal auction items.
I am touched by your generous bids for this very worthy cause...all money raised goes directly to the appeal, and will help someone so much with the clean up and get back to a somewhat normal life ..
My Two bags and Aussie Country Homestead quilt are in the two previous post..
from my heart ...thank you..♥


  1. Yummy quilt! I know your DD will love this!

  2. That quilt will be just perfect for you DD!

    We continue to keep all of those affected by the floods in our prayers.

    Sending my love to you and Reno.

  3. Looking great, good you have a person who loves this quilt.
    My husband and I have been watching the news and really it is like a horror show, hard to believe.We got out the cheque book and made a donation.

  4. Your quilt is looking great. Love how the triangles in the corners make the border around the pies with the white fabric.

  5. oohh Julia your Pies/Tarts are looking Spectacular..I have these as a kit..took it out the other day thinking of starting something new..saw how tiny the papers were & put it well done!!

  6. This is going to be one fun fun quilt.

  7. great colours!! you DD s going to looooove this quilt.

  8. Another beauty Julia, love all the brights.

  9. You are becoming very au fait with the EQ. What a great design tool.

  10. you have really been busy. Looks great, can't wait to see it finished


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