Sunday, January 9

Pies and Quilt Uni Update...smiling!

As you can see, I've cut corners to finish off this Pies quilt...I don't want it be another UFO, so better I do this instead and have a little quilt someone in my family might love!
Above the blocks are on the straight....

.....and here they are on point which I like much better. I took the easy way out and just added half square tri's to the corners and I'm thinking I'll sash it with the same dot background fabric.
I could jazz it up a bit with a fancy border...I love a Jacob's Ladder border, so I may just do that..
Now I'm getting excited about it... because it's coming together nicely and I can see a lovely little quilt taking shape...♥

My First Quilt Uni Lesson...
If your struggling with your should check this out.
I am so pleased I took this's the best few dollars spent, no kidding!
The class is so beautifully set out, user friendly and easy to follow....
I'm really impressed with the class and loving it
I am learning to draw up blocks in the first lesson...(sorry no pictures just yet)
I could have tried till the cows come home and there's no way I could have done that by myself
Like's easy when you know how!
It does take up quite a bit of time..but time well spent!
You do have a whole week to do each lesson , so there's plenty of time.

The teacher is there to help through a discussion forum..
I'm sure it will be much easier when I finish my class...
Take care...♥


  1. Think I will folow you to Q.U. as I have EQ 5,6,and 7 and only know the rudiments, so far don't like EQ7 as much as EQ6. so I could learn a lot.
    See you soon,
    Like the pies, will be a nice quilt when its done.

  2. I'm watching closely Julia as I don't use my EQ7. I might just have to follow you to uni some time this year..

  3. Your blocks turned out lovely. You did that nice. looking forward to see it finish. Glad you took a lesson for EQ7 so you can use it.


  4. Wow, you sure transformed that quilt! What do you need EQ for, you did a fabulous job using just your head! You turned this quilt from ho-hum to Wow! Great job!

  5. Your pie quilt is going to be a winner! Bright and innovatiove. You say it is a shortcut, but I think it is a great solution.

  6. Love what you are doing with your pies Julia! It's going to be adorable.

  7. I love what you are doing with your pies!

  8. your blocks look stunning Julia, I must cehck out the EQ7 thingee, everyone seems to be talking about it

  9. I really like this quilt. I like the light sashing. I am trying to imagine it with the corner triangles butted together, or with a small square that would be in the center of the many options...

  10. I think you have chosen a great option. And it will get finished. Bonus. Do you have to have much in the way of computer skills to use the EQs? or the University course?

  11. Your Tartless Pies (Does that make it a Sweet Pie? I'll take a wedge!) quilt top is looking wonderful. I like the triangles you've added. And with white sashing - my favorite! - it's smashing. You've gone again and done a really nice creative job of it. Way to go!

  12. I love how the pies are turning out.
    I hope this year I'll get stuck into spending more time time with EQ6 before I even think about upgrades.

  13. hey great the way you are putting your pies together...good for you, it will be unique!!

  14. So pleased that the course was productive and that you weren't disappointed. Those pies are looking hot! A nice gift for Joe da Chef?


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