Sunday, January 30

More Eye Candy...from Brazil this time..

Have a look at what this lovely lady is making in Brazil.... My son's girlfriend from Brazil brought back these photos to share...this lovely lady has a market stall there and makes these wonderful items to sell...I wish she had a blog, I don't even know her name to give her credit for her lovely work...

How cute are these...I think they are flask covers... what a great idea and the work looks absolutely beautiful. Just look at those little pumpkins !

As for me...I'm still baking Pies and growing very very slowly...
Yesterday we were under threat of a cyclone with strong damaging winds ...My thoughts were, that if it gets really bad with roofs blown off etc.. we may need help, but thankfully it seems to have passed with out too much damage...but, boy is it ever so hot and humid.
Good day for the beach..!

Until next time, take care...♥


  1. You are getting there on your pies and turnovers Julia and I'm still thinking it's a beauty!
    Hope you have some wonderful time at the beach.

  2. Glad you are ok, we too have two cyclones coming across and hope all will be well. I don't think Queensland can take any more water at this stage.

    Love the Pie quilt

  3. Perfect baking for a hot day, with lovely results. We have a hot one here today and the heat is going to stay with us for the week they say.

  4. You really are making great progress - they look amazing!

    The Brazilian lady is very gifted - beautiful stuff!

  5. I agree Julia the Lady from Brazils work is just beautiful.
    Great colours in your Pies and Turnovers.
    Wonder if the folk in Northam and York need any help. About 80 have had their homes damaged.

  6. The quilt is coming along nicely...lovely colors.

    Thanks for sharing the photos from Brazil...always nice to see what's happening around the quilt world.

  7. Great photos to share. AND yummy Pies too :)

  8. All looks good to me Wanda :)

  9. I love your pies and turnovers....and yes, that lady is very talented...just love her items.

  10. Glad you are safe. You have the threat of a cyclone and we have a snow storm coming. Either way let's just stay home!
    I love how your quilt is coming along. Great colors!

  11. Do you sometimes feel like you've been in the kitchen forever with your Pies and Turnovers? They're bright and festive, and you're making great progress on a project that I think you've mentioned is not one of your favorites.

    Sometimes we quilters just grin and bear it, don't we? We've already invested so much time in a project and want something to show in the end. I'm certain that the "Julia touch" will turn this into a memorable quilt.

  12. Glad you are safe your blocks...and how gorgeous are those flask holders..

  13. The ladies from Brazil are doing such pretty work. Glad you are safe!

  14. Love your version of pies and tarts!

  15. Your pies and turnovers quilt is looking fantastic!
    As for the lady in Brazil, WOW! It looks like she does beautiful work, such a shame you don't know who she is.


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