Saturday, January 8

Going back to School..cyber Uni.. pies!

I'm going back to University...cyber Uni that is, to learn how to use my EQ7 that I upgraded to last year. Quilt University is offering a course that I think may help me get the gist of how my EQ7 works...I gave up trying to work it out on my frustrating and no fun!
Even my EQ6 never got used much, as it was just too just would not do what I wanted it to do, of course it was me, not the programme...I'm sure once I learn how to use it properly, It will be fabulous and I will use it more..!
My first lesson starts tomorrow my time...♥

Back onto my pies..which are not going to be partnered with tarts now. I'm changing it to do it my way. To be honest, my heart just was not into these. I don't know if it was the colours, the thought of making those little tarts or what...I find it hard to work on something, if I don't love it..
... So I thought I would play with them...and cut the corners off...don't know how I will go from here, now this is where EQ7 would come in handy!
Perhaps, scrappy half tri's on the corners and sashing ...maybe little pinwheels in there...again!
Oopps... messed up this one...cut it a bit too close, so I unpicked it and resewed it to a new backing square...

While I go and ponder on this, to see what I'll do with it...have a lovely weekend...♥


  1. Julia, I've been playing with my EQ7 too and I think I could use some Quilt University lessons too!

    I love your pies, though I know just what you mean that you can't get into something if your heart is not into it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. They look great! If only I could use my EQ. It isn't as easy as I would like, so most of time it sits on the shelf. If a project is no fun, it becomes a chore.

  3. I need to work on learning my EQ7, also. I had EQ5 and never used it as I couldn't figure it all out.....thought I was doing better with EQ7, but never did really understand it. I'm hoping the course really helps you. Maybe I'll have to do that one someday, too.

  4. I got EQ6 figured out and then switched from a PC to a Mac. No more EQ at all! :-(

    In between all those pies, I "see" on-point four-patches. You too?

  5. You will find something fabulous to do with those pies Julia! And I agree if you don't love it, it's hard to work on it!

  6. Hi Julia, Keep us posted on how the cyber U courses are going. I asked Santa for the EQ7 (I've been pen and paper up to now) but he didn't deliver. I was going to insist on getting it for my birthday in April but want to make sure it won't sap all my sewing time just trying to learn how to use it.

  7. You're such a confident quilter, not afraid to go your own direction. You'll decide on a perfect way to work with the corners cut off (you rebel!).

    I also have trouble continuing with projects that I don't care about. If we don't love it, it's not fun.

  8. What a clever setting for the blocks. Have fun with EQ, I know it takes a bit of practice to learn it.

  9. That's what boxes are for... you put projects away for awhile then when inspired take 'em out & work wonders! :)

  10. I too need to attend that university. Your pies do look good and I hope eq7 can truly help you.

  11. I need to got to kindergarten EQ, LOL!

    I adore your pies! I have mine ready to start but I need to finish up a few hand projects before I do. LOVE your fabric choices.

  12. It will be interesting to see what you come up with for your Pies....good luck with the computery stuff!


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