Saturday, January 22

Flood Appeal Update.....CW block #3

Just a little up date on the flood appeal closing time...
It has been changed to 9 pm Australian Eastern time Monday 24 th...
As I am in Western Australia 3 hours behind the eastern time....
I will close the bidding for my bags and quilt auctions at 6 pm my time to coincide with the 9 pm finish over that all the bidding will finish at the same time.
I hope this doesn't confuse my bidders..
Thank you all so much for your heartfelt generous bids
I will contact the winning bidder for your postal details as soon as the bidding closes .....
Here is my third CW block called Seven Sisters..
At first I thought "Oh no, all those points to needle turn"...but really it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...thanks to good old freezer paper....
So glad I have been able to keep a week is doable....looking forward to the next block now...♥
Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for popping by


  1. Whoever discovered freezer paper would be good in quilting was a genius. Your block is wonderful.

  2. I bet the freezer paper idea was a busy multi tasking quilter trying to get food organised whilst trying to do the ironing and got freezer paper stuck to the iron and the light bulb went on!!!! Just my mind working overtime.
    Lovely block and great fabrics Julia. Haven't done my block 3 yet still am not motivated by the fabrics I have chosen and it has become hard work. Good luck with the auction.
    Love Shirley.x


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