Wednesday, January 26

Flood Appeal Grand Total...Ta Dah!!

OMG...What a wonderful end to Australia Day this is ...
How amazing is this...
Aussie women lending a hand to friends in need, as it was said on Toni's blog...... it's like a big
(a tech-savvy modern-day CWA cake stall!).
On Australia Day, I'm proud to be an Aussie, and to have been part of this amazing outcome..
Pop on over by the link on my sidebar and have a great read of how wonderful and generous everyone has been.
A wonderful out pouring of compassion and caring for fellow Aussies in need..
Thank you all for your bids.....♥
Edit...I believe money is still being added to this total...♥


  1. What a sensational result for a bunch of bloggers. I am packing up some sewing items donated by our group to send to Qld for the New Beginnings project. Helping in as many ways as we can.

  2. That is great. I am sure they need all the help they can. I am happy to be one of many to help.


  3. That Total really blows you away doesn't it...Amazing!!!

  4. What a fantastic amount of money raised by a fantastic group of people. You should be proud of the part you played, Julia.


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