Tuesday, January 4

Catch Me If You Can...civil war block 1...

Oh.... What a great start to the year...I said I would start something new to symbolize a new beginning to a new year...well, I've started two new projects....the little doll quilt and now this!

I'm so happy to be joining bloggers all over the world doing Civil War blocks that Barbara Brackman is sharing with us...this being the 150th anniversary of the civil war..
Every week of this year, Barbara is posting a new CW block with info on the making and history about the block...I will be so looking forward to each week to see what new block there is to make and learn about.
The CW era is really what I love and interested in learning about ...how lovely it will be to share and be inspired by all the blocks the girls will be making...
I know I will love this journey, making these blocks...52 in all!
Roll on next week...


  1. A block a week doesn't sound hard to keep up with and you'll be learning so much along the way. It'll be great when multiple blocks are shown together so we can get a feel for everyone's versions.

  2. Love your block Julia. All i've done is look at the sire when i found out about it the other day. :) Hugs,

  3. Looks great Julia. Just deciding on my colours and hopefully tonight I will have one too.

  4. A Block a Week..that will keep you on your toes...looking forward to seeing your blocks throughout the year...

  5. lovely, and the fabric is just beautiful. I can't wait to see the progress.

  6. Wow! Your block turned out very nicely! Love those fabrics. I made my block last night! I think I'm really going to like this quilt!

  7. Glad to see you have joined in, and I love the fabrics you used in this block.

  8. These are wonderful aren't they? I did the Civil War Tribute BOM last year and it's a beauty, though very time consuming blocks.

    I love this block:)

  9. Love your colors!

    Thanks for the link..this looks like fun.

  10. Oh it's lovey Julia.. I have an unfinished CW quilt...need more blocks, so I'm off to peek.
    Thansk for the link and enjoy your blocks.
    Happy New Year,
    Robyn xx

  11. I have heard that is the 150th anniversary of the civil war and I know that civil war fabrics will now be easier to find. I bet that you already have a “few” but I also think you will have fun finding more. I love your block, and look forward to seeing more.


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