Saturday, January 15

Adding Quilt to the Auction...Aussie Country Homestead

I am so overwhelmed by the devastation and suffering that we are seeing going on in our country, I feel so helpless and I would like to help any way I can.
The big clean up is under way now....the mud, so much mud they have to clean up...right up to the ceilings in some homes...

I thought I would auction this "Aussie Country Homestead " quilt ... I made it a few years ago, I loved it and had it hanging in my family room, ....I would love to see it go to a new home...I'm sure someone else will love it enough to bid on it... I thought this quilt summed up a little of our sun burnt country...the colours, the water tank, the quilts freely hanging on the line with little pegs...

....the chooks, hearts to represent the love of our country...etc..
There are little novelty buttons embellishing the blocks...
The fabrics are Debbie Mumm, I loved the rich warm colours that lent them selves to a country style quilt like this... very popular at the time I made the quilt..

A vase full of Yo-yo flowers...
The quilt measures...48 " x 42"...100% cotton with cream muslin backing
Please note....My name and year the quilt was made is written on the back of the quilt with a permanent doesn't show through to the front, I am happy to cover that with a new label if you wish

I am going to start the bids off at $50

1. Bidding will start at $ 50 Australian
2. Place your bid by leaving a comment on this post with the amount and email please
3. Postage for Australia is FREE and $35 international
4. The Auction start NOW and will END midnight Monday 24th January
5. I will notify winner at closing
6. Winner will pay direct to Premier's Flood Relief Appeal
7. Once you email me a copy of the receipt/ proof of payment ..the quilt will be posted to you.
Good luck and thank you for your comments, thoughts and prayers......♥


  1. That is so pretty. If you need a wall for it I have one.Kathy

  2. Oh Julia, I must have read your mind...I was reading blogs and wondering if anyone in the quilting world would be doing any fund raising for Qld. as they'd done for Katrina's victims, Canberra, and then the Victorian bushfires victims. I just love your quilt, and will place a bid of $120. Good on you Sharon for starting off the bidding!

  3. Your quilt is lovely Julia, what a generous offer to help a worthy cause. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

  4. This is a beautiful quilt! The devestation I am seeing is horrible, and yes, cleaning up all that mud is daunting. Hugs!

  5. it has been unbelievable watching on the tv.
    I love your quilt! You are very kind to auction it. As I live in NZ I am sitting on my hands so I will not bid. The postage would be huge.

    Love Leanne

  6. Also here in the Netherlands we see news about the devestation of the floods. Terrible news. It reminds a lot of people of the floods here in the past in Zeeland. I wish you all the succes you can have with your auctions. Very good idea!


  7. My heart goes out to all who are suffering from the destruction of the floods.
    You are a generous soul, Julia. This quilt is lovely and will be a treasure for the high bidder. From your link to the Flood Relief Appeal, I see that we can make international donations.
    I'll bid $140.
    If I'm the high bidder, I'll hold your arm behind your back so you can't cover your signature on the back. That's an added extra to this quilt, Miss Julia!

  8. thankyou for being so kind with your quilt I would like to bid $AUD200.00

  9. $250.00 please.

  10. Sorry - first time user. Confirm my bid of $250. Leonie

  11. Super cute. It amazes me what people do to take care of each other.

  12. $255... If I win this I would add an additional patch to the back giving it a little more history saying that I had won it in an auction from its maker. She had kindly donated it for auction as her way of assisting those who were affected in the Queensland floods of 2011... This then gives the quilt a history that someone may gaze upon 50 or 100 years from now and appreciate why they have it in their hands right at that moment...

  13. I love this quilt. I would like to bid $280. With thanks, Leonie.

  14. Hi, I'd like to bid $300. With thanks, Leonie.

  15. It is worth every cent that is being bid, and I reckon it will go even higher, but I'm out of the bidding now! Good luck to all who bid, and blessings on you Julia, for your generosity.

  16. $325 please

  17. ...'fraid I'm out...Best of luck to the winner...


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