Tuesday, December 14

Casserole Handy Caddy.....

This casserole caddy is for my patchwork friends as promised, ...this is a great handy caddy for taking that casserole, cake, any food at all to wherever your going, also makes a great gift to give to your hostess with your contribution of food for the party, get together, etc..

With the Christmas lunches being held throughout the coming weeks leading up to Christmas, this would be very handy to have ...
I have one made up in Christmas fabric and use this caddy to "take a plate" with food on it of course.

It's so easy to make and it's great for carrying the hot casserole and keeping it warm till you get to your destination, I use mine for hot or cold food.

You will need:
1/2 metre (1/2 yd) of fabric .... 50cm (19in) square piece of lining fabric.
About 1/2 mt (1/2 yd) lace trim.
2 Buttons.
Cut a square measuring 19 inches of both the fabric and lining.
Cut a sq of wadding 18 inches sq, the wadding needs to be slightly smaller than the fabric sq's, so that when you hem around the edge it won't be too thick to turn.
Sandwich the three layers together and pin to hold in place.
Machine stitch rows about 3 inches apart to secure the layers together and give a quilted effect.
Turn the outside raw edges over twice to the lining side, and stitch around to form a hem, you may find the corners a bit thick..... I start stitching in from the corners and trim the corners off, the raw corners edge will be tucked in and covered up later.

Fold the remaining main fabric in two and cut to two ( 4 pieces)carry handles measuring 9 ins long x 3 1/2 ins wide , Cut one ( 2 pieces) cover flap measuring 10 ins long x 6 ins wide .
From the wadding cut two handle pieces, cut the wadding slightly shorter than the fabric and one piece for the flap also slightly shorter than the fabric.

You might like to round off the handle pieces for a nice look.
With two pieces of fabric right sides together and a piece of wadding on top stitch around the three layers leaving the bottom open to turn through to the right side.

Tuck in the raw edge of the bottom and stitch closed.
Do the same to all the pieces, and stitch around the outside about a 1/2in in to hold the layers in place together.
Turn all four corners of the caddy over twice onto the right side and stitch down.
Please refer to the pictures, these will help you get a good idea on how it goes together...
at this stage you might like to tuck in a piece of lace on each corner as I have.

Next place the flap under one corner and stitch in place, then place the handle pieces opposite each other on corners and stitch in place securely.

With the left over fabric, make a long tie, it needs to be long enough so that when opened flat the tie won't come out.
Now all you need to do is to add two buttonholes the one of the handle pieces and sew two buttons on the other opposite side handle....I like to add the two buttons for strength, as some casserole can be quite heavy..

Thread the tie through and your done..
Have fun making it..


  1. Hey Julia! I love this little caddy! Doesn't seem to be too complicated either. Great idea!

    Wanted to let you know I linked this on my blog.




  2. great idea. doesn't look difficult. I think anyone would love it.

  3. Very Noice & Practical....

  4. wow...thanks so much for the instructions...it is great!!!

  5. Wow! That's really neat and I love the fabrics used. What a great idea:)

  6. Thank you for sharing the project instructions. This would be a very useful item. You can come to my house any time carrying one with a casserole inside!

  7. Yours is the prettiest one I've seen. At church, they often have what they call "covered dish suppers." You take a hot dish and everyone shares their favorite recipes! This would be perfect for delivering the warm dish safely.

  8. Yours is a very nice casserole cover! I think I would use it quite a lot and will make one soon, I think.

  9. Muy bonito y práctico, seguirétu blog,me gusta mucho.
    Feliz Navidad y perdon por no saber tu idioma y usar traductor. Besos desde El Puerto de Santa María en España.
    Very nice and handy, follow your blog, I really like.
    Merry Christmas and sorry for not knowing your language and use a translator.
    Kisses, from El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain.

  10. Lovely! and useful!

    Thanks for the tute! I've saved it and I'll make one once class responsibilities loosen up a bit.

  11. Thanks Julia. Looks great. Hugs,

  12. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing how it's made.

  13. What a lovely Casserole Caddy Julia! Thank you so much for sharing how it is made!!! 8-)


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