Thursday, December 16

Beading Baubles..Nana brag...8 sleeps.... Christmas day..are you counting!
Ok, all of a sudden I'm in Christmas mode...I do this every year, try as hard as I do to be organized and ready earlier...., it takes me this long to get motivated and excited about Christmas..
This year, we are going to DGS Glenn and partner's new home... where have the years gone, all of a sudden my DGS is 29...all grown up and in his own home..!

Instead of sewing, I've been beading these baubles to give the girls / ladies that will be there..just a little gift for their tree to remember this Christmas each year they hang the bauble on their tree.
I'm really looking forward to the day catch up with family and old friends that we haven't seen for a few years....♥

Nana brag ......

Just have to send out our love and say how proud we are of Rebeccah who was awarded Dux of year 10 high school...

Melissa (pics) who went back to school to study teaching after backpacking around the world ...and has passed with high distinctions.

Alexia who is studying forensics, toxicology..who now has a degree...
As the year comes to an end... we look back on the good times, sad times and the difficult times...but I think it's this time of the year when we should count our blessings, and give thanks for another year.....♥


  1. You can brag Nana.....that is so awesome...

  2. Nana is always allowed to brag! Awesome accomplishments! I'm like takes me until about mid-December to get in gear for Christmas! Enjoy your family, we start celebrating this weekend.

  3. Congratulations to all and I am sure everyone will love your beaded Bauble, they are beautiful.
    Have a safe and merry Christmas


  4. Gorgeous ornaments! Congrats to your family members for all the wonderful achievements. You must be a proud Nana.

  5. Wonderful news for a Nana to share and I love the pretty ornaments. One of my blessings is your friendship through blogging. I wish you and your entire family a very Merry Christmas.

  6. Where does the time go? I am so glad that you enjoy every minute. Love the baubles and I know the girls will too! Oh Nana, it is our job to brag and be proud of our own! Congratulations!!
    My little on was 15 yesterday, NOW I can start to think Christmas!!!


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