Sunday, November 28

Lost Pattern....DWR quilt

Well I have turned my sewing room upside down 3 times...
The elusive Double Wedding Ring pattern is no where to be found...but a dear patchwork friend came to my rescue , and lent me the book that the pattern is in. It's a beautiful book, full of beautiful romantic quilt patterns...
This is the quilt...the instructions are really great.
Done in strips...very easy to understand and has to be the easiest way I have seen to piece together the DWR quilt...
Sorry I can't show you the instructions...I loved making my DWR, I'm going to make another one next year in 1930's repro fabrics..This is the one I made for our 40th wedding anniversary...
Hope your all having a wonderful weekend..♥


  1. I did a method of sewing strips, cutting what you need, and then resewing the seams on an angle to get the curve. Too much sewing. Is this method anything like that?

  2. I always have wanted to make a weddin ring quilt I found this book on amazon and will try it out.
    melisa b

  3. Glad someone was able to come to your rescue Julia but you know your pattern will pop up when you least expect it ..they always do..

  4. What a great buddy! I'm going to love seeing it in 30's fabrics and the DWR is a favourite pattern of mine.

  5. what a great quilt friend. You are very lucky

  6. Aren't friends great! Now you can spend time on the project instead of stewing about finding the pattern.. Love it!

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  8. What a beautiful quilt! you made a great work!


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