Tuesday, November 2

Bits of This and That...

Aunt Millie # 5 is well on it's way... These petals look a little like our native kangaroo paw flower...well just a little!
Fussy cutting to show the red tips fanning out...once again when the leaves and stems are added, they should bring it all to life....♥
It's almost that time of year again...and again it'll be here before I get anything much Christmas made or even be the tiniest bit organized.
I did however manage to make these two Bon-bons...waving to my dear friend Dana...
Here they are with my ribbon embroidered Poinsettia table runner...the pattern for the Bon-bons is from Hatched and Patched...♥
A few months back Dear friend Caroline gave me this lovely beaded bauble that she had made...sorry it's not a very good photo, perhaps if you click on it, it may come up bigger.
It's a bit different to ones I have made, this one has lovely strings of beads draping down around the bauble....it's so lovely, Thank you Caroline
I was going to try and get some beaded baubles done before Christmas, but time just seems to be getting away from me.....there is a tutorial on the ones I made at the top under my header, they are so much fun to do and make great gifts too!...
We have a pineapple growing ..in a pot!
DH cut the top off a bought pineapple a while back and planted it...I can't remember how long ago it was planted, but doesn't it look amazing...

Today is the day lots of $$'s will be lost and won..it's "Melbourne Cup" race day...the race that stops a nation ..fashion parades, ladies all dress up in their best, amazing hats...long lunches, a little champagne to toast and celebrate the wins..
Good luck if your having a flutter today...


  1. Those petals for your Aunt Millie are the best yet Julia! It's going to be fabulous!

  2. I am so enjoying your playtime with Aunt Millie. Each block is prettier and prettier!

  3. I Love the Petals on this one..just Gorgeous fussy cutting...

  4. I agree - the petals look grand

  5. Aunt Millie's petals do look like Kangaroo Paws! Great fussy cutting!

  6. Lovely work there, Julia - very unusual (to me, anyway!).
    Did you win anything on the Cup? I backed Americain!! $2 each way got me $28.20 :-)

  7. Your Aunt Millie is going to be soooooo gorgeous..what a fabulous job!

  8. You are moving right along on the applique blocks.
    I really enjoy studying the header photo you are using. So many good quilts to look at.

  9. Great start on your AM block Julia! I can't believe Christmas is coming up so quickly.

  10. I am behind with blogs Julia - I've had a terrible cold.

    I love Reno's pineapple! I remember growing one many, many years ago.

    I am loving the colors of your Aunt Millie blocks.

    Also love the gift from Caroline you received.

    Hope you both are healthy and enjoying the day.

  11. Where did I put my Aunt Millie project? I must get it out and start working on it again; you are going to pass me up on number of blocks done! I love what you did with the petals. Karmen


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