Monday, October 25

This & That...

A new week and lots of new enthusiasm....I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Above are 11 little nine patches for my Calico Garden quilt...such fun to do, I'm trying to use my repros and at the same time keeping it light and happy..

On order from Etsy, are these beautiful tiny prints, I thought they would be lovely for background blocks... these are "Hints of Prints " collection by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
..and how gorgeous are these fabrics ..I think these will brighten up and make a lovely addition to my Calico Garden blocks... "Baltimore Album" collection, circa 1847, by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics.
These gorgeous fabrics bundles are coming from here
Lovely seller who is so helpful and keeps in contact with quick replies to any queries one might have..No affiliation , just a very happy customer....
....and just between you and know how it is....just to make the most of and fill up the shipping bag, there's also a few half yards coming from this seller....♥

and to finish off these new books....I may have a play with curves sometime soon..should be fun and something new to try..
I have been on the lookout for a crochet edging book for some time, just to add that finishing touch to my crochet hexies that are on the go and any new crochet that I might take on...this book is just great, full of new and interesting crochet edges...

Phew...that should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while..!

Off to my Tuesday patchwork group tomorrow..have a nice day...♥


  1. Lots of fun shopping Julia! You will make it all into something beautiful!

  2. Hi Julia, Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Such pretty fabrics you have shared today. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

  3. What wonderful fabrics from etsy...

  4. Those little nine patches are so cute! Love the fabrics. I need to check out that crochet book - it looks very interesting. Happy stitching!

  5. Love the 9 patches and a lovely collection of fabrics. That crochet book looks like it has some very nice borders.

  6. I love your fabrics and your blocks. That crochet edging book looks very fascinating. I'm sure you will have some fabulous edge-finishes soon to show us.

  7. my you have been a busy little beaver there, sounds like a fabulous weekend...

    I love what you have done with your Aunt Millie's garden block, the colours look super!

  8. It looks like you made several fun purchases. I think you're going to be a busy lady over the summer!


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