Friday, October 1

On my to a bright start.

I've jumped in feet first and started using my Kaffe, not on this quilt.
The last issue magazine that I needed for the third part of the pattern for this quilt...and thought I bought on EBay fell through.
I was so upset, clicked and payed with Paypal only to have the seller email the next day saying she had already sold it and would refund the I don't know how that could have happened, but it I'll have to put this one aside for a while! While I was so enthused and wanting to do something new, I thought I'd make a start on Aunt Millie's Garden quilt...treading very carefully with the brights I might add. it's not easy breaking out of one's comfort zone!
Starting with the bottom left block, sorry for the camera flash .
Ok, maybe I'm still a little leaves etc, but I will get there. This can be my trial block...the background is a tiny blue dot on a white background.
Just had to buy some more of the spotty fabric I used for the Pies and lends itself so well with the bright fabrics. Lucky me, there was 5 metres left on the bolt so I bought the lot, also a bigger caramel spot on white, not sure what for, but they will get used....Dh thinks I've gone a bit dotty...oh well!

The weather is just gorgeous..the rose are starting to bloom. Isn't this gorgeous "Double Delight" rose coming out beautiful...I used the macro on my camera for the first time, I really should make more use of that setting, it's so clear and lovely...

I'm hoping for a lovely quiet weekend sewing...I hope you have a lovely weekend doing what you love....♥


  1. Hi Julia, I just love the dots! These fabrics are such pretty colors and I love this rose. What a beauty! Have fun this weekend. Love you both.

  2. I can see that pattern working fabulously with the brights Julia. How disappointing for you with the magazine but I bet there is someone out there who has a copy. The rose is beautiful.

  3. I love the dots...
    the rose is beautiful
    ah...aunt millies garden that quilt is on my list as well...

  4. Aunt Millie and Kaffe are going to be such a great couple. I can't wait to see the result

  5. Does your guild carry that magazine or maybe a friend? In any case, the Aunt Millies is going to be gorgeous.

  6. Can you give me more details of the magazine and I can see if I or my friends have it Julia...hugs Khris

  7. Sorry your e-bay purchase fell through but this applique quilt will be lovely in brights too...just look at your fabric flowers and nature's rose! Perfect!

  8. Good on You for stepping far the petals are gorgeous...let us know what Magazine you are after one of us might have it...

  9. If you let me know the details of the magazine for Auntie Green's coverlet I will look through my magazines and see if I have the one you are missing.

    Gorgeous fabrics and I love your rose! :)

  10. I love Aunt Millie's Garden...It is an incredible pattern. Good luck with it!

  11. Hi Julia,
    Please let me know what magazine and edition you are after I do have a stack of all sorts of magazines and I will have a look through my stash just in case I have that one... I have just 'discovered' Kaffe Fassett in that I have taken another at his work this time with less fear than I have before - he is a genius with colour and design... Did you know he is coming to Australia in 2011...

  12. Hello Julia

    Im sure that pattern for Aunty Greens Coverlet is in the book Fabric of Society by Annette Gero and Kim Mcleen, i remember going through the book as i couldn't afford it at the time and seeing it in there but it has a couple more borders added on that are in not in the magazine.

    Adele xx


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