Tuesday, September 7

Playing With Scraps....

That's it...these scraps will either end up as a quilt or end up in the bin!... You can only keep scraps for so long, then you really have to do something with them.
So I thought I'll have a play and see what I can do with them....surprise.... I'm really having lots of fun with this lot !.
Revisiting and remembering each piece of fabric....ones that I just loved and some I thought at the time,.."why did I buy that "..but mix them all together and hopefully something beautiful will come out of this lot...
I borrowed this book from the Library...and found this Strip Spider Quilt by Carolyn Forster in side...The moment I saw it I thought.."yes that's what I'll do" ...
I played with the scraps yesterday afternoon and this is what I have done so far...
It's actually foundation pieced straight onto the muslin triangle, or can be done on paper if you prefer...
Just look at those beautiful repro fabrics, my heart still goes out to them!..
You may be able to make out how this will eventually come together to form stripy spider webs
It's Pelican Patchwork group meeting again today, I haven't been for a few weeks so it'll be lovely to catch up with the girls again....I think I'll take my Pies to do today.
Have a lovely day...♥


  1. What fun fabrics and a cute pattern Julia. Hope you have a lovely day with the girls.

  2. Great minds think alike! I have been planning to make that for a few months now. I have the foundations ready to go. All I need to do now is find the time.

    Your's is looking fantastic so far...but then everything you do does!

  3. Those are looking great. I have a goal to (sometime) use my scraps to make a quilt totally of scraps. I want to get them organized ala Bonnie Hunter. Have you seen her site? (www.quiltville.com) She has tons of free patterns for scrap quilts. I am such a pattern follower, it is hard for me to get out of the box enough to make up a scrap quilt. I am trying to overcome that. Keep up the great work!

  4. I've done a small spider table topper and it's great fun to make! Enjoy your group today!

  5. You're obviously very talented to do that with old bits n pieces. Good luck with the project.

  6. Oh what a lovely Spider Web made out of you yummy scraps.
    Hope you had a great day with your Pelican Ladies.

  7. Julia, how fun! I love the use of Repro's in a this pattern. I havent't given that any thought before. This is REALLY fun.

  8. Hi Julia. You know, your blog is for me a hit! I realy love it.

    Have a nice week :-)


  9. Boy when you get a bee in your bonnet, you sure work fast, Julia!
    I've been printing off ideas from the internet on using scrap fabrics, and I've even cut all my scraps into small squares or strips. But I haven't actually DONE anything yet...just give me time (like another 20 years, lol).

  10. Hmm, inspiring, I must visit my scrap box too.

  11. Yum ... I like what you are doing with those scraps! Yay you for using them up!!!

  12. Wow - you're making me wish I saved my scraps - that's just gorgeous!

  13. This is so effective Julia. It's going to look gorgeous when you finish it.

  14. I love your strip quilt - lovely and very inspiring :-)

  15. I love the repros in this one!!! Everything you make and every time I visit I just love it!!!


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