Tuesday, August 10

Tuesday Treasure's...

Thought I would share my precious treasures today..

These are my Mum's favourite earrings and unusual watch that she loved to wear every day. I have worn the earrings very occasionally. I am so scared of losing them, I just wear them on special occasions... I'm always checking to see if they're still on my ears. A beaded brooch that I made years ago.

Two VIP's are sharing a birthday today ...DS#2 and DGD Melissa....born 19 yrs apart..
Happy birthday to you both..have a wonderful day!
Family are coming for lunch today...it's going to be a lovely day!

Until next time...♥


  1. Happy Birthday to your son and granddaughter. I really like the jewelry you showed. How nice to have those pieces of your mom's and you did a great job making that beaded brooch.

  2. Hi Julia, Wishing your son and granddaughter the best birthdays ever! Thank you for sharing these special treasures of your Mum's. The beaded brooch is beautiful. Enjoy your day with family.

  3. Dear Julia,
    Happy Birthday to your family!

    Wear the jewlery every day, I am sure your mother would want it. Nothing WONDERFUL should be saved for a special occasion. I am sure your mother would want you to treasure it ALL the time and enjoy wearing it. I am going to be 70 in March and have given all but 3 pieces away to my daughters and granddaughters and I want to see them decked out in it every time I see them.

    Sorry for the book, but life is to short to worry that you will lose something.


  4. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous looking family.....and what treasures you have love the watch...

  5. What lovely treasures ! Happy birthday to your son and granddaughter .

  6. Happy Birthday to your son and to your grand daughter.

    So nice to see your precious treasures from your mom...

  7. What lovely treasures. I particularly love the watch. Very unusual. I hope there were big birthday celebrations.

  8. Happy birthday to those special guys and I especially love that gorgeous watch. I hope you wear it!

  9. Do love your most unusual watch Julia, it's so pretty!! That's a gawjus brooch too :o). Happy Birthday to DS2 and Melissa too!!!
    Joy :o)

  10. It's a shame that you can't relax and enjoy wearing your mother's earrings but it would be devastating to lose them. So many birthdays this time of year. We have plenty in our family too.

  11. Happy birthday to youw family. Have a great day!

  12. Oh those are special. I have a ring that was my Mom's and whenever we have a special family event I wear it, so she can be there too.
    Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family!


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