Saturday, August 28

Cafe` CQ..

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, pop over to Quilters Gallery and check out the miniature quilts there on show, vote for the one you like the lasts just for one week...there are some beautiful mini quilts to be inspired by...
I'm a bit embarrassed to plug my own mini...but if I don't let you know, you won't know it's there!
I entered my CQ Cafe`Latte just for fun...

Each time I visited my son's cafe, the wonderful smell of coffee brewing inspired this wall hanging....created in silks with lace motifs and all things coffee...

Have a lovely weekend...looks like being a warm sunny day here today....♥


  1. That is adorable Julia. I'm on my way to vote for you now! Thanks for letting us know.

    Wishing you and Reno a very nice weekend.

  2. Oh Julia that's absolutely GAWJUS, sooo pretty ... I love it :o)!!
    I'm off to vote now ;o).
    Joy :o)

  3. Nicely done. I really like your crazy quilt about the coffee shop.

  4. Hi, I'm Ginny, Mildred's blog friend. I love this quilt, I was telling Mildred how great it would look on the wall of a Starbucks! So unique and unusual! I just voted for you and hope you win! Good luck!

  5. I voted for your quilt Julia.
    I won 3rd prize on this site for the ugliest quilt once. Not sure that's anything to brag about! LOL
    It would've been worse if I won
    1st or 2nd tho'.

  6. Julia:
    Your quilt is beautiful! I'll go vote for you right now! Good luck!

  7. Don't be embarrassed, be proud of your lovely work. Thanks for introducing me to another great site too.

  8. Love your mini quilt I have voted for you!!!

  9. It's a beautiful mini Julia, thanks for letting us know. I'll be supporting you with a vote.

  10. What a cute Mini Wall Hanging Julia.
    Will pop over and vote for you.
    Good Luck

  11. It's lovely Julia! Good luck! :0)

  12. For the first time, and on a whim too, I also entered this contest. How nice it would be if both of us could win!

  13. Lovely! I hopping right over to vote!

  14. What a pretty quilt Julia!! I love crazy quilting and I've saved lots of labels, lace and pretty things to make one. I took a wonderful class and haven't finished the block yet, yes I'm a starter. LOL Thanks for sending over to the Quilt Gallery, I'm off to check out the quilts.

  15. Hello Julia, Visiting from Mildred's place as she told me about your beautiful quilt! I am heading over to vote right now for your very lovely mini quilt!
    Kindly, ldh


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