Thursday, May 27

Still Hand Quilting...

It's cold, wet and miserable outside...perfect weather to sit and sew..
I'm still hand- quilting my Dresden and Dollies quilt. It's a lot of work ,but I'm really enjoying it, while I watch another episode of North and South...oh those beautiful gowns, and that Ashton!
I was hoping to see some quilts , but nothing so far....

The Schnibbles times two book came in the mail yesterday...gorgeous small quilts to make, perfect for using up some 5" squares that I had no idea what to do with. It will be nice to do a small quilt that won't take up too much time...
The other book I've had for a while, great quilting patterns and ideas... but still have not used any of them, perhaps I may find something suitable in the book for the borders of the D & D quilt..
Until next time...Happy stitching...♥


  1. Hi Julia, Your D & D quilt is so pretty and how nice to have new books and a movie to enjoy during the rainy weather. I'll be anxious to see what project you choose from these books.

  2. I agree Julia it is just the best time to be inside and sewing.
    Hope you enjoyed your movie.

  3. Hi Julia, Your quilting looks amazing. I love your dollies border. I have been thinking about ordering the Schnibble Times Two book. Are there many patterns in it?

  4. The quilt is looking good Julia and glad that you are enjoying the quilting. We recently bought that quilting book as a gift for a friend who has bought a new machine. Hope she enjoys it.

  5. That's a beautiful quilt you are working on. I keep seeing posts about the Schnibbles book. You all are making me want one!

  6. Enjoy your hand quilting today:)

    I have both of those books! Love, love the Schnibbles Times Two book!

  7. your Dresden and dollies is looking great!

    it is pooring on this end of the world too :-(


  8. Your quilt is looking so pretty! Those books that you have are great - I have the Schibbles book too, but haven't made a thing out of it. Probably soon as I have a hard time not picking up those charm packs.

  9. OOOOUUUU....warm and toasty inside
    working on a great quilt!!!
    It is just too crazy that your weather is just the opposite of ours!!

  10. So, I'm guessing that it's fall to winter there and here in Texas, we're burning up around 85 to 92 degrees.

  11. I have that 'quilting inside the lines' is good.

  12. Looks like you have made a lot of progress on the hand quilting. Looking good!

  13. You make me smile, North and South!!! He is looking down from Heaven and grinning too!

  14. I love how you're keeping on top of the quilting, When you get to the dollies, they'lll be like the ladies in the miniseries.

  15. Is very nice Julia i love you quilting...

  16. the quilting is looking great!
    just love this quilt
    I just bought the schnibbles book too!
    and I have the other book as well.
    great for ideas, your right!

  17. Your quilting is so nice! I am sure that you are going to make something lovely with that new book!

  18. Hi Julia, your quilt is beautiful....Winter is upon us ...roll on Spring..Warm Regards, Lyn


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