Monday, May 17

Selvage Purse..with secret bottom pocket..

I ran this purse up this morning out of what I had on here goes...I'll try to explain how I did this, please feel free to email me if you need help...
First I made this pattern...This purse is a little bigger than the one I showed can adjust it to suit your needs..

Cut two pieces of lightweight batting to sew your selvages on to...this will be the front and back of purse..
Sew your selvages on the two pieces..

Trim off excess fabric to the shape of the batting..

Cut two pieces of lining the same size as the front and back for the bottom pocket lining..

Sew the zipper in between the lining and front / back pieces, so that the zipper tape in enclosed between the may like to use a zipper foot or hand sew the zipper in

It should look like this with the zipper tape enclosed...hand sew the ends in together a little so that there is no gap.....see photo up flat and press..
Lay two pieces of lining fabric down wrong sides in together then lay purse top on top of lining and cut out the lining to be the same size and shape..

Stitch all the pieces together around the outside... you can now see the bottom pockets....trim away any excess fabric ....

Cut a 2" binding on the bias..and press in half length ways....
Carefully sew binding around the purse shape..

Most know how to join binding together...this is how I like to do it and it works perfectly every time..
Leave a few inches of binding free at the beginning and at the end....Overlap one end over the other by the width of the binding, in this case it will be 2 inches...
Join binding on the diagonal and trim away excess fabric leaving a 1/4 inch seam. press seam open and finish off sewing on binding.....perfect!
I found this to be the trickiest part to do....Centre the zipper on the purse top and hand sew the zipper in at the top....have the zipper teeth just below the top of the binding for a nice finish..
It will be a bit fiddly at first, but you will find your own easy way of doing it...
Fold purse in half with the inside facing out...carefully top stitch the sides together on both sides up to the zipper...
Turn purse through to the right side and gently poke out the bottom corners..
I attached a fancy bead to the zipper
I hope you can understand the instructions...
My zippers were only 5" and a bit small, but that's all I had on hand...they could be a bit bigger..
I had to work this out from scratch...but I'm happy with how it turned out...
Enjoy...Please let me know if you make one, I would love to see it....

Happy sewing......♥


  1. You've done a wonderful tutorial Julia. I think this could be a great little project for me to take on retreat. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

  2. The instructions look perfect, Julia. Thanks for sharing them with us. This looks like a project to make again and again.

    Be sure to share your post with Karen at Selvage Quilts. She'll enjoy seeing the bag and your blog.

  3. I THINK I got it. Will give it a go.
    Thanks for sharing your instructions Julia.

  4. HI Julia, Thanks for the tutorial,I think I will have to give this a go. I love the secret pocket in the bottom.

  5. Great tutorial Julia and the purse has turned out really great :) Love it :)

  6. That really does look complicated - what a great job you did with it. The tutorial is very good too...♥

  7. Understood it perfectly Julia, now I have to make it to prove it. Those selvedges just keep on multiplying so have to do something with them.

  8. You saved me the trouble of having to make up my own pattern (only for my use)....thanks so much, it is adorable.

  9. It's a great little purse and looks wonderful in the selvages. Thanks for the turtorial, very easy to understand.

  10. Oh, I love it Julia! I think your instructions were perfect. I was just looking at all my selvages I've saved yesterday and think that I may try to make one of these. I really love it!

  11. What a great tutorial. Love the selvage bag.

  12. What a cute bag and a great idea. Good job on the tutorial. I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. And love to selvage version too!!

  13. Looks like a very good tutorial. I don't have zippers here at the moment and nearest store that carries them is 40 miles away...UGH. When Walmart had a fabric department, at least I could get zippers there...but now I have to drive MILES to get them. I hope to make this someday.

  14. So stinkin' cute! Love the selvage fabric you made!

  15. Thanks Julia for a great turorial. Looks easy with the photos to go with it. I will try and make one. I have a lot of salvages as well.

  16. What a good idea. A very good use of selvage edges.

  17. I like your bag very much, thanks for this idea, I wil make it also.

    greetings, Jeannet

  18. What a great tut!!! I can't wait to make this :o).
    Thanks so much Julia!!
    Joy :o)

  19. Thank you Julia, what a wonderful idea!
    I will certainly let you know when I make one...
    great step by step...

  20. Oh Julia is very very nice,pretty...
    Kiss and hugs

  21. What a beautiful idea! Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial.

    Kiss and hugs from Sweden


  22. Thanks for the great tutorial. Love your little purse. My basket of selvedges is overflowing, and so l thing a little purse with a secret bottom is coming soon. Thanks for sharing.

  23. hi Julia
    thanks for sharing this. i would love to try this

  24. what a lovely tutorial, would like to try this out once I collect enough selvages.I've just started sewing :)

  25. Thank you for the tutorial....i need to try this...

  26. Nice job! LOVE it!
    Selvage edges are SOOOOOOOO fun~!
    I love the dsign you came upwith!
    You're good!

  27. I think I am inspired to try this! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Oh I do love this, bits that would otherwise be wasted making something beautiful! Well done and thanks for taking the time to share.
    Kandi x

  29. I don't save selvages at the moment but I love the hidden pocket. Thanks for the tutorial :).

  30. Very neat and a great tutorial, I will have to have a go, as we say.

  31. I think adding some iron on interfacing would give the purse a more finished look.

  32. Just found this cute little pouch. This is such a wonderfully clever idea with using the selvedge edges and with using zippers both on the top and bottom! I'm thinking that exposing some of the print fabric the selvedge edge came from might make an interesting effect as well. Wonderful job! Thank you.

  33. I love your sweet thought and very lovely purse!!


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