Monday, May 3

Quilting Klosjes...

Good's Monday here down under...I can't believe the gorgeous weather we are having. It's really too nice to be inside on days like this, but then no quilting would get done!

I have started quilting my Kosjes topper...not sure that you'll be able to see the quilting properly, but I did decide to do the baptist fan quilting, it's not quite as easy as I thought it would be.
The part I find hard is marking in the quilt design, I tried powdered chalk with the pounce applicator, this doesn't show up well enough.... I tried Press and Seal,but found the needle gets sticky and the machine foot gets tacky and drags over the plastic. I did try adding a little talcum powder, this works for a little while. Then I tried the blue wash out pen, looks messy, but does seem to work the best...I'll soldier on...I wish it was easier to do, but it does look lovely...♥

How beautiful is this rose, called Double Delight, it has the most beautiful perfume...there is a little story to this rose bush..
A few years ago, a young couple with a little baby were renting over the road from us.
One day, we heard a frantic banging on our front door. Dh answered the door to find the mother with baby in arms turning blue, mother screaming.."Please help me, my baby stopped breathing !"...
Dh took baby and gently breathed little puffs into it's mouth, I ran to ring the ambulance, the person on the line was telling us what to do while the ambulance was on the way...after what seemed like forever the little baby started to cough and take a breath...what a beautiful sound that was! The ambulance arrived and took over, they said my Dh saved the baby's life.
Well the next day the mother came over and gave us this rose bush as a "thank you"...just to see the baby breathe and see she was going to be OK was wonderful.....we call the rose Shannon, as that was the baby's name.
The family have moved on, but every time I tend to that rose bush and cut the beautiful blooms I think of Shannon and wonder how she is...

Have a great day...♥


  1. It always seem to be that the harder something is to do, the better it looks. Good luck with your quilting! I am sure it will look beautiful and compliment your Kosjes.
    Wonderful roses and story.♥

  2. Double Delight...a beautiful Swane Rose I think...what a lovely story..and your quilt is looking so good Julia.

  3. I am sure your quilt will look beautiful when finished.

    Loved the story of your rose bush.

  4. Your quilt is looking real good, I mist start back on mine again have been doing a lot of other things. Anyway just love your quilt.

  5. What a special story of your rose bush and it was certainly a good thing you and hubby were home the day that young mother so desperately needed help.

  6. What a lovely story Julia and I love Double Delight, we have it here too. The only other rose with a perfune anywhere near it is The Children's Rose!

  7. That really is a special rose Julia.
    My friend is currently quilting her wedding ring quilt and is using a plastic tool that you run along the quilting lines to make a depression in the fabric. Those depressions stay until you wash the quilt. The lines are very clear but she is working on a light fabric. Sorry don't know the name for the tool but it looks like a bone! Good luck with the quilting.

  8. Have fun quilting the Klosjes quilt. I can see the quilting lines when I enlarged the image. Lovely roses Julia - Hugs Nat

  9. Your story brings tears to my eyes, God Bless your amazing DH, it would be wonderful to see how old she is and what she has become.
    When I make my quilt I use Crayola washable fine tip markers, the purple works wonders and I can see it and is washes right out. your quilt is looking great!!

  10. beautiful klosjes...lovely roses too.

    Julia , you were my inspiration to start quilting..i have posted my first hand quilt in my blog...looking forward to hear your comment..thank you

  11. What an amazing story... Thank you for sharing your Shannon roses with us... And the quilting is looking fabulous! How exciting!

  12. What a moving story Julia. Life is so precious. The roses are very beautiful as are your klosjes. That's nearly a finish.
    Love Shirley.

  13. Julia the topper is adorable. The roses are so unique and lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Julia, to read about Shannon is so amazing. That mother - gosh her feelings to this day must be with you. My heart swells.

    Thank you for sharing the quilting experience with the table topper. I've learned a couple things. Never knew that needle could get sticky with the Press and Seal but it certainly makes sense. You tried every darn thing in the book, I tell ya. I'm happy to read soldier on - that's your nature so I'm not surprised. Still, it seems a bit of an effort. I'll have to keep this in mind! Maybe I'll go bigger and send it off TO THE QUILTER!

  15. Thank you for sharing the story of Shannon. I'm sure your husband's actions are remembered. They probably toast him every year on her birthday.
    Once again I am awed by your spools. I love that every spool is a different fabric.

  16. I wonder, do you quilt by hand or by machine?

  17. Oh my gosh what an incredible story Julia! Holy cow. Amazing.

  18. What a wonderful story about the rose bush.

    Your Klsojes quilt is going to look fantastic quilted.

  19. That certainly is a special rose and perhaps one day you will know what became of Shannon.

    Your quilt is coming along nicely and I'm so happy to see you quilting it right away.


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