Friday, May 21

Quilt Festival...this and that

The quilt festival is on again...pop on over, join and check out all the lovely quilts and blogs...
Amy is hosting this again, and it's such great'll be amazed at all the beautiful quilts...
I did a little bit of shopping at the was so busy, I could hardly get into the stalls to have a good look, but I grabbed these few things that I wanted....some '30's FQ's, three cream tone on tone FQ's....a quilting stencil... and a special foot for sewing curves, like the drunkards path block, with it came the tweezers and roller, that's used instead of pressing the curved seam...can't wait to have a play!...
In the mail arrived these lovely DVD series called North and South for me and Dh to watch when it's a cold wet day outside. Patrick Swayze was so young here..I know I'm going to love watching this about the civil war, an era I am so interested in and takes me to my love of repro fabrics of that time. ...Perfect timing as it raining cats and dogs outside, great day for staying in sewing and watching a DVD..
Enjoy your weekend...♥


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that series Julia ~ your weather sounds a lot like ours this weekend. Wishing you both an enjoyable weekend.

  2. Oh, my gosh! I watched that original series on television! Ha! How did I get to be this old?

    Nice purchases! I love the stencil.

  3. Enjoy the DVD! Do let us know how this new foot works, too.

  4. I watched North and South and loved it! It is a great series.


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