Saturday, April 24

Pretty Petties and Posies...

Having a lovely time working on these pretties...just wish I could take better photos to show the colours and do them justice!...
Don't you just love the beautiful corset and the pretty parasol...and...
how lovely is this Body Sham, with it's floral corsage and pretty bow on the back neck.
I really enjoyed working on this other crinoline lady...I thought I would introduce a variegated over dyed floss by Needle Necessities # 1031...I felt it needed it to have the needlework stand out a bit more..

Still a few more pretties to embroider, and then pull together the fabrics for the quilt...thought I would see how these rose fabrics audition against the embroidery work...might need a softer green rose fabric..
There's a craft show up in town this weekend..Dh and I might take a train trip up to check it out.
Have a lovely weekend...♥


  1. Boy you are fast today, I didn't get a chance to comment on the last post! Your young ladies look very fine and elegant and I think another softer fabric would work well.

  2. Your stitchery is just beautiful. I love the colours you have chosen to go with it.

    Oh Enjoy the Craft Show.

  3. wow..very pretty...

    julia, are you making it into wall hanging...the fabric looks lovely too

  4. Hi Julia..just found your blog and have enjoyed my visit. Your current project is "divine"...just love the softness of the threads and "oh how pretty" the designs are. Brenda Ryan is surely one of our treasures.
    Kind Regards

  5. Julia is very nice you work.. embroidery...

  6. Lovely stitcheries. I agree it is so hard to photograph stitcheries done in lovely soft colors-mine never look as good as the real thing.

  7. OH,what a lovely stitcheries,so fine.

  8. Your stitcheries are beautiful Julia, I have just started the Life is Beautiful stitcheries/quilt. I never knew how difficult it is to actually stitch as I usually only do cross stitch or tapestry. So I am amazed at your lovely work and any tips you are happy to share I would welcome! Our local shop lent me a lightbox to use to trace my patterns which is a huge help but it is still challenging keeping my stitched in line. I am sure plenty of practice will help!

  9. What beautiful stitching Julia, you are so talented.. I just love those pretty ladies, I just might have to go look for the patterns. Vintage ladies are something I love.

  10. Julia those are stunning!!! I love the soft colors and your stitching is gorgeous!!!

    Ann Flowers


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