Monday, April 5

My Hussif Tutorial ...revisited..

I thought it might be a good time now to post the tutorial again....I made quite a few as gifts for friends...and would you believe, I never did make one of these for myself, I do have a bigger more elaborate one, but this size is perfect to carry around in your sewing kit..
I hope I can inspire some of you to make one..

I know that there are many hussif's out there on the net and I would just like to say, this particular hussif is entirely all my design from start to finish.
I designed this hussif to be a nice practical size, simple, but elegant, with pockets to hold all the essential things a quilter needs to carry.

Please read all the instructions through carefully first.
NOTE: that all the measurements are the finished sizes and all seam allowances will need to be added
You will need:
Main fabric of your choice
Cotton Muslin to back inside fabric
Pellon to back front fabric piece.
Felt pieces for needle pages
Embellishments: lace, beads, threads, silk ribbons, etc..
General sewing requirements : needles, matching threads, scissors and basic sewing machine in good working order..

From the main fabric: Cut 2 pieces 13" x 6 1/2" Plus a generous 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around.
From the Muslin and the pellon cut 1 of each the same size as the main fabric pieces.

Working on the outside piece first:Baste the pellon onto the back of a main fabric piece, measure and run a tacking stitch where the stitch and fold line is marked on the pattern so you will know where it will fold and where to stitch later on. Note: the front section on the right, and is slightly wider than the other two.

Embellish the front section however you wish...embellish and attach a little pocket to the other end of the outside piece..this pocket will be on the inside folded piece..see photo.
Now working on the inside of hussif:Baste muslin piece onto the back of the other main fabric piece, and again run a tacking stitch where the stitch and fold line is marked on the pattern to divide it into the three sections...the front will be on the left here, under the needle pages..
Cut out the pocket pieces, again with seam allowances...embellish..turn raw edges under and machine stitch in place. Attach a piece of ribbon above the scissor pocket to tie scissors on with.
Cut two pieces for the needle pages flap, put right sides together, machine stitch around three of the sides leaving the top open, turn through to right side...cut three pieces of felt slightly smaller to fit under flap, turn the top raw edge of flap over the felt pieces and stitch in place.

With the outside piece done and all the pockets in place on the inside piece.

Lay the two pieces wrong sides together.... pin in place, run a machine stitch along the stitch and fold line through all the layers to hold them together.
Make a little strawberry pincushion and pin in place at the top, above the needle threader pocket.
Cut strips of binding two inches wide and bind the hussif with the binding.
Make ties from the same fabric or cut pieces of matching ribbon and hand stitch in piece at the front edge, and the other on the back, near the pocket on the stitch and fold line.
I finished off my hussif by working a feather stitch around the inside along the binding.

I believe the word hussif was shortened from the word housewife..a hussif was a little sewing kit that men at war and nannies years ago...(and most likely still do).. carried to darn their socks, sew buttons back on and do little mending jobs...
I hope you enjoy making this little hussif...


  1. What a great tut...


  2. I love your little Hussif and now I'm all inspired. I just might have one by the end of today!
    Don't expect all the lovely embroidery tho'

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I took the one you made me to quilt guild last month and everyone just loved it! Now that I have the tutorial to follow I'm going to make one for my daughter one of these days. :0)

  4. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing. Definitely one to add to my to-do list!♥

  5. Thanks so much Julia for such a lovely tutorial. This is such a great pattern, I definitely will be printing this one off.

  6. Beautiful Julia thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Hope you hat a wunderful Easter Julia...and thank you for this lovely tutorial...the finished one looks stunning!!

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful bit of work! I adore it, but I'm so bad about not taking time to make something like that for myself to use. Michele

  9. Love the Hussif will have to put it on my to do list!!!!!

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for the tutorial Julia xx

  11. Well Julia, that was worth repeating, wasn't it?! I will be helping Val finish hers tomorrow, so I'll email a pic to you, as it will be a bit different from mine, I think. It would be interesting to see what everyone else does with your pattern - whether they follow it without change, or whether they do what Val and I did, and make small changes to suit our needs.

  12. Thank you for posting the tut. I have always wished to have one of these. Now I can make one. Yours is beautiful!!! I love your color choice. I am going to try to follow and make one. THANKS SO MUCH:)

    Ann Flowers

  13. The embroidery on the hussif makes this one very special. I don't have the embroidery skills to make one like this.

  14. Julia, thank you so very much for this lovely tutorial. I am hoping I will have an opportunity this summer to make it. wow.

  15. I love these ideas and instructions. Would make a great gift!


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