Monday, April 12

I got mail from...

...Alison of Cardygirl..
What a great start to the week...I popped out to a Dr's appointment and on arriving home this parcel was waiting for me.
I nearly forgot to take a photo before I opened all the parcels...
How lucky was I...I left Cardygirl a comment and I won this giveaway..
Thank you so much Alison, everything is just lovely.
Yes, I'm loving this little bit of Nundle...wish I could have been there, but this is lovely!

There's beautiful cards that Chookyblue photographer extraordinaire, made from her photographs..
An ugly fat's not ugly at all's fun and happy smiley faces..
I've been wanting to have a go at Wool Applique for a while seems to be taking off in blogland...well now I can with this lovely pincushion kit by Hatched and it!
and some Nougat...which won't last 5 minutes here...Dh loves nougat..

Again, thank you so much...such fun, this really made me smile.....♥


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I have just printed off your tutorial for crochet thimble pouch...will give it a go! I made a large vintage pin cushion a little while back and thought it would look good hanging from the side
    Thankyou so much

  2. congratulations Julia. you will be having such fun making your lovely creations.

  3. What a lovely mail you've got.
    And all your klosjes togheter are so nice.

  4. Great to know it is safely there! Have fun!

  5. whats a lovely bundle of goodies Cardygirl sent you.......pleased you love the cards too.........

  6. Congratulations on winning a giveaway, aren't they fun? Can't wait to see what you will be creating. Oh by the way pop over to my blog and see the Klosjes that I am doing!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations Julia ... and I don't think it's an ugly fatty either, not with all those smiles on it :o).
    Joy :o)


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