Monday, March 1

This and That...Mini's

Yep...I've caught the Mini Bugs..the mini quilt bug that is...becareful it can be very contagious! First off, this is for Joy, this is my little mini sashiko fan pincushion. I took a workshop on sashiko some time ago and this cute little fan was what I did.....the light coloured fabric is a beautiful vintage silk Japanese Obi that I bought in Melbourne.
Three years ago I designed and made a Japanese quilt, again as I like to do..I just made it up as I went, I did a lot of research on the Japanese culture and learnt so much , it was fascinating...this Obi fabric which is featured through out the quilt, was the inspiration for the colours in the quilt and my research was the inspiration for the design...♥

Everyone is doing Mini's..and yes, I've caught the bug soon as a couple of books that I've ordered arrive, that will be next on my to do list.
Above are two tiny quilts I made a few years ago...these are by a West Aussie Pat Weir Smith, unfortunately Pat no longer designs or does Patchwork...her work is just gorgeous.
You may be able to see the tape measure... a tiny 10 inches and the one on the little quilt rack that DH made me is just 12 inches...

How cute is this little quilt near the teddies...
This design is also by Pat Weir Smith...Pat came to our local quilting group and did a workshop for us...this quilt is only 18 inches square...I'm not really a blue person but I love this quilt..
The bows were paper pieced, the tiny tulips are hand appliqued..
Our summer is now officially over, today is the start of our autumn months... but yet another hot day today...enough!
Stay cool or warm wherever you are...♥


  1. GREAT work you did making those minis. I have to say...I didn't really understand the size of that cute little quilt rack until I saw it next to the teddies!!! I have a tiny quilt rack somewhere, too....and haven't seen it in awhile...guess I put it away and forgot to take it out...and now don't recall where it is. :(

  2. Next to my American heritage, Japanese culture is my favorite. Your Japanese quilt is beautiful, desiring of the first place prize. I also did an original Japanese quilt with some sashiko and enjoyed combining the fabrics and drawing on research.

  3. I'm staying far, far away from the present mini bug, I still have a couple of beautiful little minis I made years ago so they will have to do me! Really cold here today for the 1st of autumn, cooking on the wood stove and I've just lit the fire in the lounge too. We're quite high in the central highlands so we get it early here.

  4. Hello Julia, These mini quilts are precious and I love the little quilt stand with the teddy bears. I really enjoyed this post. Hope you have a lovely week.

  5. They really are addictive, aren't they.

    Have you seen pictures a few people have posted with a wall covered with min-quilts? (Just to add a little more temptation)

  6. I love your Japanese quilting, it is beautiful, I have actually wanted to do some but have never really gotten to that point.

  7. Hi Julia, I too am taken with the mini quilt bug. I have been looking thru stash and thinking I really should do my mini quilt wall in my sewing room. Regards Sharron

  8. Oh Julia that pincusion is just darling. I especially loved your Japanese inspired quilt too - thanks for the link :o)- well deserving of your prize!!!
    I've never tried mini quilts, Julia yours are fabulous. I'd just love to come to visit and see all of your gawjus work, you just amaze me!!!
    Joy :o)

  9. your work is so beautiful Julia.

  10. Julia. This was a great place to be over coffee this morning. I stopped and truly read. I took in every single word and ever single piece. Imagine my distraction when I saw a 10" scalloped border? Dear friend, I mean really... think about that after all that I've been through? Then I thought - hmmm. Maybe this might be a way to practice. Oh Julia, I just wont give that up. How funny. As I continued to read I came to a full stop.

    DH made that little quilt stand? You paper pieced those bows? The tiny tulips - oh my. And while I'm maybe not a blue person either I consider this classic, timeless. I think this might be a favorite of yours for me. I might now and forever refer back to the blue mini quilt. And can I leave without commenting on the neatest fan ever? Wow that's so amazing. I'll bet that class is something else. But the other thing at the top of the post Julia was these fabrics. That was the eye-candy that pulled me in. Your writing just kept me going. Like I said, this was a great post over coffee.

    (as you can see, I'm such a morning person.)

  11. Julia how beautiful ! Love your minis !

  12. Hi Julia, Looks like that Mini Bug is a great one to your tiny quilts. Look forward to seing more when you get your new books.

  13. Beautiful minis. I really like your little fan.

  14. All your minis look wonderful. I have never tackled one - I guess I'm afraid of all the small pieces.

  15. Oh my that is one bug, I would like to catch!!

  16. What beautiful mini's you have created, Julia. I love the quilts.

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  17. Oh my! They're so sweet.
    I think I'd be all fingers and thumbs working on a mini.

  18. wow...that looks awesome...


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