Saturday, March 13

Spring Harvest & Labels...

It's been so hot the last couple of weeks,...this is all I have done so far on my Spring Harvest quilt So it's been resting on the design wall...which is a just piece of batting hanging down from the top of my storage dresser...Hmm, I wonder if Dh would have a go at making me one of those fold away design walls...smiling at him as brings me in a coffee and reads this over my shoulder...little grin! you label your quilts ?..
I borrowed the above book from our library..great book, a great source of information on Vintage quilts, pages and pages of beautiful hand made quilts ...but sadly a lot of the quilts that are featured have "maker unknown" with the picture...
How lovely it would have been for these quilts to have credit given to them , for all that time and love that went into creating them... perhaps they may have been able to have their families traced and the quilts passed onto them...I felt so sad each time I read.." maker unknown"...

There are no patterns in the book...but tips on collecting quilts, understanding quilts, cleaning and storing your quilts.
All the old favourites are featured in this book...the beautiful Logcabins, Grandma's Garden, Dresden plates, Pinwheels, Baltimore and many many more..

So, it makes me think and realize how important it is to label your quilt...I know I have a few without labels..a Double Wedding Ring quilt that I made for our 40th wedding this is one really special quilt that I should have added a label to.

I know I shall have to a day just adding labels to my quilts..

Saturday morning here in Australia, Klosjes day......I must trim and press the Klosjes that I have done so far..

Have a great day...♥


  1. Your quilt is stunning Julia, wow! I hope your husband is busy preparing a display board for you ~ lol!! Mine has just arrived home after loading up wood and is now stacking it against the house! Coffee time and then lunch! It is a beautiful day here in Melbourne. I only have a few spools to add but I think we have time on our side so I can add them Sunday!!! Have a lovely weekend, oh I must see if I can borrow that book from our library, it looks marvellous. Ann x

  2. How pretty your quilt in progress is Julia. That book from the library looks like a very good one. Oh yes, you need to label and identify your quilts for sure. How special that you have one to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary. I don't have any hand-made quilts, but just today I was packing some of my childhood dolls and found a slip of paper telling the doll's name and the year I received her: 1962!!! I was very happy mama did that for me. Hope you have a lovely day. I hope your temps cool soon. I saw Joe's latest recipe - sounds delish!

  3. Julia,
    Your quilt is so beautiful & looks vintage, I just love it. You are so talented.
    I was wondering if you designed it, or is it from a pattern one could purchase?

  4. You quilt is lovely as usual. Love the center block!
    That book does look good! Looks like lots of goodies in there!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Spring Harvest is looking gorgeous Julia, the colours are so soft and delicate. A nice change from the bright moderns!!
    I've just finished my circus quilt and I actually printed the label on my printer, so easy and quick to do, very clear too. I messed up one so gave it a wash and iron to make sure it would stand up and it does. If you have a few to do it might be the way to go.

  6. Oh, yes...get a label on that special double wedding ring quilt you made. This quilt you are doing now is coming out beautifully!

  7. Your quilt is just beautiful - I could look at it all day! Thanks for important label reminder. Most times I just have an "ahhh" moment when the last stitch goes into the binding and call the quilt done!

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous love the colours. It is a must to label all your quilts I always make a habit of making my label and stitching it on when I am stitching the binding on. Have fun.

  9. Your quilt is going to be a stunner, as it grows, I love it more. I'm pretty good with labels, I was taught that early on. I must get on with klosjes now that I've had a clean.

  10. I'm getting better at labels, it helps when I have a block left over. Most of mine are very basic, the name of the quilt, my nick name and the year of completion. But at least it says it's my work. I do have one or two which still need labels.

  11. your quilt is coming along great Julia and the book looks interesting. I have been making labels all week.

  12. Everytime I drop in for a visit I get to see your gorgeous is coming along beautifully.

  13. I label all of my quilts. The only ones that I haven't are the ones that I made to be really used a lot. I really don't expect those to last a long time when my kids really drag them around. But I do write my name and the date on the back corner. All the rest, especially ones that I make for people definitely do have a label.

  14. Your quilt os going to look stunning...I just love your colourw.

  15. Your quilt is stunning and that book looks wonderful!

  16. You quilt is lovely. Such soft colors. Thanks for the peek at the book. I'd never seen that one.

  17. Hi Julia,
    Looks like some great ideas in that book and it should act as a reminder to add that label. Love the quilt on your design wall. My design wall consists of a fleecy blanket hung over the wardrobe with skirt
    Love Shirley.

  18. Yes, I always label and am on my friend's backs to remind them to do the same!

    Great quilt and great reminder to label!


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