Monday, March 8

Spooling along..Klosjes

These are so addictive...I love making them!
I'm a couple of days late, but here's my Saturday's Klosjes...there so many girls now joining in the fun, if you'd like to join us pop over to Valentina's and Nadine's blog...we're spooling all over the world!
I was wondering how some of you press your spools..I find they sit nice and flat by opening up the four side seams so that the centre sq seams lays flat on top..
OMG...I may just sit and sew Klosjes all day...leftovers from yesterday in the fridge, washing done and hung up...bed made...the rest can wait...Klosjes are calling me!

Have a lovely day, perhaps making Klosjes!...♥


  1. Do you make these by hand or on your sewing machine?

  2. Lovely little Klosjes Julia. I joined in too, but have not press them yet. Love the colurs - Hugs Nat

  3. I love these cute little spools! But I don't dare start making them...I have too many things to finish right now! LOL

  4. These are adorable Julia. Don't you love to have leftovers to eat and not have to worry about stopping a fun project to prepare a meal??? Hope you enjoy spooling along!!!

  5. Oh you are so cute! and Julia, your piecing is exceptional. Impressive. Wow. I'm enjoying looking over your Klosjes. The fabrics... uh. Yummy.

  6. Beautiful klosjes Julia, they certainly are addictive! I am really enjoying sewing these.

  7. Oh I love them, I only wish I had the time to make some. It will be on my to do list!!

  8. I love leftovers, lol. Your blocks are wonderful and I love the fabrics you're using.

  9. Happy Birthday, Julia!
    and what a way to celebrate...
    They are looking so cute! I love you colours...
    I press mine, thinking that I will be handquilting 'in the ditch' around the spool. So pressing towards the darker fabric. I like how it makes my spools 'pop'...
    But, like I said, I am already thinking of how I will hand-quilt!
    I am so happy you joined us, Julia... we are going to have a blast!
    See you next Saturday!
    Have a great week,

  10. HeeHee....I told you, dear Julia : these cuties are addictive !
    Yours are GORGEOUS, I just love them.
    Keep going, dear !

  11. Way to go Julia!!
    These are gorgeous!!
    I know what you mean... I've joined in the fun as well.
    Leftovers from now on and stitch, stitch, stitch!!

    Oooh did I hear it's your birthday?
    Happy happy birthday to you!!

  12. Hi Julia,
    I have just posted a photo of the back of one of my klosjes to show the seams. Hope it helps.

  13. Well they are fabulous. I love seeing them so keep making them!

  14. Very nice your Klosjes! I see that they gone all over the world by now, "tot klos", Else

  15. they look great!!!!!
    very inspiring

  16. Oh yesss, Julia, now I see how you iron them. Sorry, dear, I hadn't noticed before ;>)


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