Thursday, March 4

New Book and Spools..

Another book you say...I don't know what's got into me lately...can't help myself, I love buying new books, and I have two more on the way !
This book is a great read, tells little stories about what it was like for some of the little children growing up on the American frontier, and what a significant role quilting played in the lives of the women and children at that time..
There's a great little draughts game board quilt that is just gorgeous...what a great idea, that's one I'll be making for sure...The author Kathleen Tracy has a blog, you may like to pop over and read... be inspired by her work..♥

Spools anyone....I've joined in with Nadine and Janet to make these little spools...hmm, I'm thinking mine might look a bit like bow ties. I think I'll have another play with the pattern and see what difference making the centre square bigger would look like...
I can always make a few more like these and make a mini dolly quilt...
Are you tempted...won't you join us!!

Have a fun day..♥


  1. Hi Julia, That book sounds like something I would enjoy too, even though I don't have the knowledge to quilt. The history would be wonderful to read.
    I'm taking a little break to begin wrapping and packing some items in the hopes we get to move before Summer. I'll check in with you often though.

  2. Hi Julia!
    I have that book and I love it!

    Boy, everyone seems to be making those spools. They are adorable. I should give them a try when I get my sewing room finished.

    Have fun with your projects!


  3. Looks like an interesting book, and those spools look very tempting. Is thera a pattern somewhere?

  4. That's a great new interest, Julia - it was on my agenda for this year, but then again, as you know, I have so much I want to do. There's so many new repros out, too!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. More spools. I just saw some on Patchalot's blog. They are cute.

  6. I love to make spools and your are darling. Also, you can never read to much, so go on and enjoy!!

  7. Your book sounds interesting and I will pop over and have a look at the blog. Thanks.

    Love the spools but it seems lots of us are doing them. A few of us are making them out of scraps so we have a varigated thread. LOL

  8. That's a nice book, I really enjoyed reading the stories that came with it. I'm thinking about joining you on those spool blocks. Right now I've been painting walls, but am looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine.

  9. Hi Julia, I also have Kathleen Tracy's books and love the stories and her quilts. I would be interested in your spools, let me know what is required etc. At the moment I am adding borders on to my grandmother's Rouenneries quilt and finishing off another two projects (did I say just 2, so it would be fun to join you on those spool blocks!

  10. That looks like a very nice book. I like books that have stories along with the patterns.

  11. Ten times at least, I've been about to order that book. I guess next time will be the right time, it looks sooo interesting ;>)

    Oh, your spools are so, so cute, Julia, I just LOVE them !


  12. Very nice Julia...

  13. the spools look great and yes I am going to have to make them as well.
    I remember when I saw Dawn, quilts and pieces blog,, showed her spool quilt I was hooked I wanted to make one too
    for me this is a great project , using what I have.
    I love scrappy quilts
    Mine will be sewn on the machine.
    LOVE that book! I bet you will enjoy making many of those quilts

  14. I do want to make some of these blocks..........sent a friend a block pattern as part of a swap and this was the one she liked the most too.........

  15. Lovely spool blocks Julia! I'm so glad you explained the contents oif that book because I've been mulling over wether to get it or not. I definitely will now.

  16. interesting book and your spools look great!

  17. Hi Julia! I am so happy you decided to join us and make spools! I know what you mean about the 'bow-tie' look. I modified mine for that same reason: Please check out my blog and maybe you'll like my tweaking!
    xox from Cyprus,

  18. Mmmm, these are so cute! I love them and no, I don't see bow ties at all. Personally that's not a bow tie to me. I love that you got another book as I don't believe one can ever have enough books!!! Never! Ever! :)

    Book and needle and thread love, *karendianne.

  19. Looks like a great book. I've been eyeing it along with a few others.

  20. So adorable...may I join? Is the pattern in the book, I've been eyeballing that book, so it must be time to purchase it. What size are your blocks?

  21. It looks like a great book and the spool blocks are so pretty.

  22. Hi Julia,
    I have joined in too and my blocks are exactly like yours but I have decided to go with them as I like them as they are.. I just reckon if they were proper spools then they would hold a lot of thread.
    Good luck!

  23. Spools will be part of my next take along vintage sampler. Learned from Janet that they are called "klosjes". What a funny, complex name for a simple design. Have fun.

  24. The book looks so good! I wouldn't mind making spools...where do we get the pattern?

  25. I love spools. Love them. I have that book too.

  26. Sure enjoy seeing the spools they are hitting blogland hard at moment!

  27. I too have joined! How can you resist?


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