Wednesday, February 3

Introducing Tomi....from Japan

It was a wonderful day yesterday at my local P/work group, " The Pelican Quilters "....
I'd like you to meet Tomi, our Japanese quilting friend...a dear delightful tiny lady.
Tomi has been coming out to Australia for about 7 years now, she loves to quilt, and would you believe Tomi is 86 years old....lives with her son and family in Japan.
This lovely photo of Tomi and I is to show you how tiny Tomi is...I'm JUST scraping five feet tall...

Each year Tomi comes to Australia in our summer, sometimes staying just a couple of months, at one time stayed on an extended visa for a whole year.
She stays with friends, Tomi loves to visit our fabric shops, one of our Patchwork girls picks her up, brings her to our meetings and takes her to quilt fabric shops to get her fix of fabric retail therapy.
Six years ago, Tomi set out to make 80 quilts to hold an exhibition in Japan to celebrate her 80th birthday, and this she did with 80 plus a few more to spare.
The exhibition was a great success, from it Tomi went on to teach quilting the ladies in her local area...the ladies there loved her quilts....I wish I had half of Tomi's energy!
We love her dearly and hope that she keeps coming back for many more years, Tomi is an inspiration to us all...

A bit of show and tell....This gorgeous quilt is Lyn's...Lyn hasn't been quilting for very long, but isn't this quilt just beautiful..I think Lyn said it was the first quilt she has finished, it was done in a class...One of many beautiful quilts to come Lyn!
Well I best get to and do some work..have a lovely day...♥


  1. So nice to meet you and Tomi! Congratulations on the OPAM event! Your quilting and projects are lovely!

  2. Congratulations to you for winning an OPAM prize! And thank you for sharing Tomi with us and Lyn's quilt is just beautiful!

  3. Lucky girl! Nice to see your little win and just lovely to see Tomi lookings so well!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. I hope I'm still as active as Tomi at her age, how inspring.

  5. Tomi is AMAZING!!! Thanks for telling us about her.

  6. Hi Julia you quilt is always very nice.....

  7. Nice to meet you Tomi. I have many Japanese friends and I'm teaching them quilting. I love Tomi's quilt, thanks for sharing Julia - Hugs Nat

  8. Love the quilt and enjoyed you telling us about Tomi.

  9. What a special person Tomi is; and WOW, someone to look up to! Amazing! Do you have any photos of her 80 quilt exhibition????
    Lyn's quilt is beautiful; gorgeous colours.

  10. Congratulations on your win, you have made some beautiful quilts and wall-hangings.... I really liked the siggie one.
    Your friend Tomi looks like a real sweetie and Lyn's quilt is lovely for a first time quilter, happy stitching Sheryl

  11. wow what an accomplishment she has had in her life, making that many quilts. any pictures from her show?
    Lyn's quilt is beautiful

  12. hope I can still be stitching away at 86 year of age..........wonderful........

  13. What a lovely photo of you and Tomi. I wish I had half her energy!!
    Love Lyn's quilt, it is beautiful.


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