Saturday, December 26

SSCS Opened...

Tis the day after Christmas and all is so quiet here....

What a wonderful day we had yesterday with family, I'll post about it later on.....I was going to have an extended blogging break, but I'm missing you guys already!
This is the beautiful SSCS that I received from Canada... Quilting Canuck
Beautiful applique work and gorgeous fabrics...thank you so much, I love it!

The back is as lovely as the front...Big thanks to Chooky for hosting the swap.....♥


  1. Hi Julia, I'm taking a blog break also. Can't wait to hear all about your family's Christmas celebration. My brother visited with his 2 adult children Christmas Eve. We had a nice lunch together. Hope you are feeling well. I love the pretty applique from your friend in Canada.

  2. That's so beautiful Julia! Enjoy your break! Hope to see you at Lurline's on the 12th!
    Hugs - Shari

  3. We're still on christmas day here, I was trying to left you a comment on yesterday's post and I never find the "Post a Comment", lol, so I missed to say to you Merry Christmas..., have a blessed New Year and all the best for the incoming year!, -hugs!-

  4. That is one BEAUTIFUL quilt you got from your swap partner!!! I'm glad you came off your "break" to show it to us. :)

  5. Looks so lovely Julia, glad you had a lovely christmas too.


  6. Wow - truly stunning!!
    Merry Christmas, Julia!

  7. Uh,oh - sort of expected you back! I knew you wouldn't be able to hold out not chatting! I think it is funny!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  8. So pleased you had a lovely Xmas. We did too.

    Love the little quilt.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you have had a lovely Christmas!

  10. looks just perfect for you julia...........CJ did a beautiful job..........thanks heaps for being part of the swap.........hope you will join in again..........

  11. It IS so hard to keep away, isn't it??? Beautiful gift from Canada.... Too late for Merry Christmas but...... plenty of blessings to you for the New Year!!
    sugary hugs :O)


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