Monday, December 21

Christmas Spirit...

Getting into the festive spirit...
The last couple of years I have not worried too much about decorating for Christmas....what with one thing or another, Christmas was over before I knew it........but this year we have a little 8 yr old visitor from Brazil who is so excited about having an Aussie Christmas, I thought it was time to get back into the spirit of the season....
I thought this year, I would just set my Santa collection in my entry our visitor will see it as soon as he walks in the door, he doesn't speak English very well, but the look on his face will tell it all!...
That's my front door to the right of my old treadle sewing machine....I love that Christmas Bells quilt, one of my first stained glass quilts that I did.

Here is my hat stand facing the front door...there are little decorations that I received in was so nice to get acquainted with them again and think about dear friends who made them..
The beautiful hanging tree was made and given to me by Robin, a dear quilter friend (n0 blog)...
Not sure if you can see it..... Lurline gave me the lovely white sleigh on the bottom shelf in front of the gold reindeer.
There's my beaded tea ball done in a swap at the top....
There is a little Tatted angel on the bottom left side of the mirror, made by a dear CQ friend BarbE in the States a few years ago now...the angel is set in a hand bobbin lace ring with sparkling crystal beads worked in ...very special to me, just beautiful!
I'm so glad I took the time to get out my Santa's....all these lovely memories came flooding back.
Just four sleeps now to the little visitor /friend is counting down.....♥
Edit... I have been asked to show a close up of my Tatted Angel ..isn't she beautiful.....♥


  1. I love your stained glass wall hanging...awesome!!!

  2. It looks fantastic Julia. How lovely to have a youngster around at Christmas. Children just 'make' the season. Best wishes to you and your family and I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and happy New Year. xx

  3. I totally understand about the flood of memories these treasures bring. I'm certain your little friend will have tons of memories too after spending Christmas with you.

  4. The stained glass bell quilt is stunning! I've been wanting to do a stained glass quilt but never got around to it yet. Enjoyed seeing your decorations!

  5. Julia, I'm so glad you brought your decorations out to share with us. I love (yet again) your Christmas Bells quilt. I like the blue and red together so beautiful. I can imagine the look on the little boy face when he enter your house - Have a great day Julia.


  6. Oh, everything looks so warm and inviting. I just love your stain glass quilt, beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Holiday! Hugs

  7. I love how the stained glass like quilt turned out. Will be in my list of want to do quilts but first I need to get the fabric/

  8. When I firat opened your post I thought that was a real stained glass window. Your Christmas decorations look lovely.

  9. What lovely Christmas treasures Julia.

    Wishing all of the a very Merry Christmas.

  10. What a lovely lot of Christmas goodies! I enlarged the photo by clicking on it and tried to find the tatted angel, but could not. Maybe sometimes you might be able to show a close up of that one. Those are lovely gifts!

  11. Marry Christmas my nice frends and Happy New year for you and yours family.....
    Big hugs...

  12. They are lovely decoratoins, Julia.
    Have a wonderful, magical Christmas!

  13. Julia it all looks lovely ! Your little visitor will be so thrilled with it all . Merry Christmas

  14. how exciting being able to share an Aussie Christmas with your young Brazilian friend!

  15. The gifts of friends, past and present, surely do bring with them the true spirit of the Christmas season. Your gifts and decorations are lovely and your tatted angel is indeed beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy the holidays! Coralie

  16. Lovely Santas, bell wall-quilt, and tatted angel Julia!
    Your Christmas quilts in your Christmas sign off post are wonderful!
    Do have a blessed Christmas and all the best to you in the new year!!!


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