Monday, December 28

Christmas Goodies & another Lunch...

I think this is one of the best Christmas's that we have had for a long time...beautiful gifts given with love and best of all, treasured time with family and friends.
Lurline gave me that gorgeous tapestry bag, I love it, thank you so much.... Lurline told me it was made by a 90 yr old lady in her patchwork group...isn't that amazing!
and of course there's always chocolates at Christmas time....
Well, just as we are getting over Christmas day, we do it all again today, a B-B-Q with my DD and Son #2, and the other grand children, plus we have people over from's going to be a stinker of a day, said to reach 40 degrees Celsius...that's Christmas down under in Australia!
I'm going to find a shady spot under a tree somewhere, and have a wonderful time catching up with everyone!
Until next time...take care....♥


  1. Christmas is just not Christmas without chocolate....

  2. Wow Julia, love your gifts, especially that tapestry bag. That is so special. You know how bad you eat at Christmas, well I got up this morning and had a chocolate for breakfast. I can't wait till they're all gone and things get back to normal.. ha ha

  3. Sounds like you're having a lovely holiday, with all the family and the festivities. Living in the other hemisphere, in a cold part of the USA, I can't imagine celebrating Christmas with warm temperatures. But after an ugly Christmas snowstorm this year, warm temp's are certainly appealing.

    Enjoy that shady spot, Julia.

  4. My dear frends Marry Christmas and Happy New Year for you and you family....
    Big hugs.....

  5. You were very spoilt Julia.

    Hope you had a great day with family and friends and that it was not too hot for you.

  6. Lucky you, you have been spoilt. Chocolaste is compulsory at Christmas. It sounds like your celebrations are still going. Happy New Year.

  7. Beautiful gifts and I'm glad you were able to enjoy so much of your family. Sound like it was truly and wonderful Christmas.


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