Friday, December 4

Calendar Holder...

How's everyone doing with their Christmas gift making?....
I'm still finding I need to make another gift and then another...

Yesterday I put together this Calendar Holder, real easy to do and makes a great gift especially at this time of the year....somewhere nice to hang the calendar, I have a silk ribbon embroidered one in my sewing room and one like this in the kitchen...

This is the finished holder...I just want to add a few novelty buttons like maybe a watering can , flower pot etc...

So easy, it's just long enough and wide enough to take your chosen calendar, with room for the applique on the top half and a pocket on the bottom half to hold the calendar.

This one measures 22" x 15" finished...the pocket is 11" x 15"

So easy to quilt, I just meander quilted around the cottage and trees, then over the smoke and back stitched words...the yo-yo tree tops were appliqued on after the quilting was done.
Here the pieces are ready to be fused onto the fabric with Wonder Under
Normally I would hand blanket stitch the pieces on, but just so I could finish it quickly I machine stitched the applique on...
I would really love to share this Country Cottage applique design with you, I can send a PDF file in an email, but I don't know how to add the PDF link on my blog........can anyone help me please!
EDIT...Robyn has kindly helped me with the PDF file sharing goes I hope it works..
You need to get the Cottage design in two PDF files and join them together ..
PDF one..PDF two ....I'm not sure but you may be able to download the two halves from just one PDF file.....Please let me know if the link does not work.
Happy Stitching...♥


  1. Beautiful calendar holder! I love the little house! :0)

  2. It's a great gift Julia. I was given one years ago, but I lost it in the many moves. Enjoy creating for friends Julia and have a great day - Hugs Nat

  3. adorable ... a next years project. Thank you.

  4. Love the calendar Julie.. sorry I can't help you with the link to the PDF...this is still all new to me. Hope someone can help, I would love to make it also. Good on you.

  5. Oh Julia, love it. The perfect gift for my friend. I just did not know what to get for her so decided on a calender so now I can give her both.
    Would like the pattern thank you but can't help with the PFD onto blog. Sorry!!!

  6. What a great idea Julia and so simple but fantastic to look at.

  7. That's an adorable gift idea Julia. The button embellishments will be just perfect!

  8. Hmmmm, you're really fast!!!!!, the cottage's really pretty!, not sure how to add the PDF link to your blog, maybe the "Add a Gadget" can help, if not, I'd like to see an email from you with the file on my inbox, lol ;)

  9. What a neat idea, it is darling!

  10. Oh Julia, you make me smile!! Oh, this is so easy peasy, give yourself some credit, it is so darling, I would love to try it, but have no idea how to set up a PDF file!!

  11. That is adorable Julia. I don't know how to add the link, but I would love to have the PDF. You are so creative.

  12. Julia, I really love this little cottage..I adore houses and particularly love the brick fabric... what a wonderful gift!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

  14. Thanks for sharing this adorable project.

  15. It is very nice holder, so cozy!
    Thank you very much for the pattern!

    Best wishes from Russia

  16. A lovely idea and very pretty calendar holder!


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