Sunday, November 29

Street Christmas Party...Apricot Danish!

I think I have the BEST neighbours ever!...
We live in a little Cul-D-Sac, with great neighbours who watch out for each other...every year one of our neighbours hosts a Christmas street party.
Some of us have been here since day one...14 years now, we built and moved in almost all at the same time
This year it's neighbours Patrick and Julie hosting...we all take a plate of food, and a few drinks.
We sit and chat for most of the afternoon, enjoying each other company, taking time to reflect on the past year...
Every one's so busy these days, it's great to meet, relax and do this at the end of the year...I made Apricot Danish to take, also a Zucchini slice, which we won't talk about...I forgot to put in the bacon! Here we are sitting under our neighbours beautiful Tusan style outdoor entertaining area, waiting for the rest of the neighbours to arrive.
Beautiful grape vines over head shaded us as we sit and chat...
A big thank you to Patrick and Julie, who made us so welcome...and to darling sweet Julia, Julie's Mum, who had some wonderful stories about her life experiences to tell..
Can you believe that we have two Julie's and two Julia's ( me included ) living in our little street..
Anyway here's the recipe for the Danish...

You need....
Sheets of puff pastry thawed out
Almond meal
Drained tinned Apricots
Ginger marmalade.
Cut pastry sheets into four, fold edges over to form a border and prick all over with fork to prevent rising too much

Add a couple of pinches of almond meal on pastry, this will absorb any moisture from the apricots,
Place half an apricot on top of meal, and press down with a fork to flatten a bit.
Soften some of the ginger marmalade in the microwave oven, and spoon about a teaspoon full over the apricot..brush edges of pastry with a beaten egg and bake in a moderate /hot oven until golden ...
When cool, dust with icing sugar...great as is or serve with fresh whipped cream

How easy is that...enjoy....♥


  1. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon with neighbors Julia. It's still hard for me to grasp that it is nice weather there! Looks like a beautiful place to sit, relax and chat with good friends. Your danish is lovely and I think maybe I can make it! Thank you for sharing the photos and recipe.

  2. glad that you had nice time with your neighbours...and thank you for sharing yummy recipie

  3. What a nice tradition in your neighborhood. Your Danish sounds lovely. I, too, can't wrap my head around it being summer for Christmas!!! LOL

  4. Those danish look delish! Julie and Julia's everywhere! That is so neat to have so many share your name. I use to be a mail carrier, so on your street I would have to memorize house numbers rather than names. Of course I'm assuming you have mail delivered to your homes. ;D I like the idea of havig a neighborhood party. Sounds fun!

  5. Your slice looks yummy,thanks for the receipe.
    So nice to have such lovely neighbours.

  6. The apricot pastries do look good. I have a recipe for an apricot pastry of some kind that I haven't made in years. Wonder if I still have the recipe.

  7. That danish sounds so good.. Looks like a fun time.

  8. Julia, I've got all ingredients written down because this is one delicious looking desert!! question please, is almond meal the same thing as almond paste??
    I've never seen almond meal, so that's why I am asking. Those little danishes just jumped off the pages of your blog, and into my heart and tummy!!!
    Thanks so much, Sharon

  9. What a lovely tradition.
    Your danish's looked yummy and so easy to make. Thanks for showing us. Brandie

  10. Julia! What a beautiful outdoor area to be in. Ahh, that feels so good to look at. Happy for you. I have to admit I've been coming back (probably 3 times) to look at the Apricot Danish. I about think I could do that. ...however, as I couldn't have just one, I'm not allowed!

  11. Thanks Julia for the yummy looking Danish recipe. You made it look easy - Hugs Nat

  12. How wonderful to have close neighbors!! Those danishes look yummy!!

  13. That sounds like so much fun. How lovely you all do this every year. Thanks for the danish recipe, looks delicious.

  14. Oh, yummy! Any leftovers? Looks like a lot of fun gathering together outside ... we are FREEZING cold here.

    Please follow/join me @ our new blog ... the old one had issues.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  15. Worked it out, thanks Julia.
    Might stop 'lurking' on blogs now.
    Those apricot Danish look great, will have to try them, soon.

  16. Oh Yum, I will try this! Gom will love them!!

  17. Hello Julia, Thanks for the recipe will have to try this one. You all look quite at home under the shade enjoying your Christmas gathering. Just love the Apple Core Runner, a real treasure. Happy days.


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