Thursday, November 19

New Project ...update

Anyone that has been following my blog would know I LOVE crinoline ladies...I have a lovely collection of Crinoline Ladies china ware .

I thought a 1930's style crinoline lady table runner would be nice...1930's fabric and crinoline ladies, a great combination!

It's so nice to be working on something fresh and new...
I'm using 1930's fabric apple cores to frame the runner, I will applique a lady at each end...perhaps both ladies will be in red fabric...then again maybe not!

The ladies are from this quilt design. I would love to make this quilt.... one day!
This is the book that the quilt is in, a great book full of gorgeous ideas for kitchen decor, children's quilts and lovely vintage '30's style quilts...

Please spare a thought for our Southern State...they are expecting temps in the 40's Celsius, could go as high as 43 degrees some places are fore casted 47 degrees...a terrible high fire risk !...

Would you believe here in the West, we are having storms and heavy's from one extreme to the other...

All take care...♥


  1. Oh boy...I've got to pull out a table topper and photograph it for you is these ladies around the outside edges with ruffles at the base of their skirts. It was made for me by a dear friend who taught me to quilt many years ago. She is now passed but such a wonderful memory it serves me.

  2. Oh knew I would fall in love with this, didn't you? I have always admired your dishes and now this lovely runner. Oh, and to make the quilt one day...I have clicked on your photos and I love it all. Thank you for sharing and I know you are enjoying this project. Wish I was there to chat & visit while you work!

  3. very nice Julia. What a great idea for your Crinoline china. Hugs, Jeanette

  4. I have never seen china like that. Oh, it is just wonderful. Are they vintage or is it something new?

    Your new project is very creative.

  5. So very pretty.......that book seems to have some wonderful things in it. Thanks for sharing. I hope there aren't any fires there...I can recall bad ones a year or so back there.

  6. Julia , it is so gorgeous , I love it !

  7. The Parasol Ladies quilt is gorgeous, Julia. I hope you do that soon;-)

    As for the temps, yday in the news they were showing this massive iceberg (500 metres long and 50 metres wide or sumthn) near Australia - they said. I was thinking this cant be true.

    It has been like England weather here in Bangalore for the past three weeks now. Whatever is happening to our climate?? So very different and so unpredictable:(

  8. I love the Crinoline ladies china set. The table runner with 30s fabric will look great Julia. Hugs Natima

  9. I love your crinoline ladies china, of course you need a table runner. What a lovely combo, the apple cores are so 30's too. I have that book and love the quilt too. I'm praying the South Australians don't get the fires but the way the talk is going, they make it sound enevitable. I hope not.

  10. love the ladies! heard about the temps on the news here...hope all goes well

  11. Aha!! I was on the right track!!Just so pretty, love the ladies. Hope the temps chnage for everyone.

  12. How delightful. What a lovely way to frame the pretty ladies.

  13. I had a fascination with Crinoline Ladies when I was young, & I used to paint them.
    Lovely china.
    I have been thinking about the horrible heat, & hope the South will be ok.

  14. We use Fahrenheit here in the US and I had to go to google to convert your temps.

    YIKES it sure is hot!!

    PS Love your tablerunner



  15. I love that quilt too...I must have saved the same magazine!


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