Friday, November 13

Left Overs...

Remember this quilt....this is Carolina Crossroads, a mystery quilt I did 2 years ago with Bonnie of Quiltville....well as always there are left overs!

I have these three Ohio Star blocks plus quite a few other blocks from that quilt left over.
I'm thinking a table runner from these three blocks would be nice for a secret Santa gift...

I have some more of that light background fabric which I could use for the setting triangles, then perhaps a scrappy patch border and I'll have another gift to mark off the list...good one!
Oh, how I wish I had more hours in the day...there's so much I want to do, so many blogs to visit and enjoy....Lots of lovely stitcheries that I've had my eyes on...quilts that are so inspiring and would love to do....UFO's to finsh off...stash to get through, so I can justify buying more fabric...!
Until next time...♥


  1. Looks like a lovely centre piece in the making! I have to make a table centre for our Guild Christmas party, too. I saw a great bargello one and hope to start it tonight. See the pics on my new blog - Airdmillan Ayrings.
    Rainbow smiles... Gloria

  2. GREAT idea for those leftover blocks!

  3. It is so nice when you can use leftovers, it will be lovely.

  4. That will be a lovely tablerunner Julia. There are so many pretty fabrics to choose from, aren't there? You always have such exquisite taste when purchasing new fabrics - I enjoy seeing your projects.

  5. Yes they look great Julia, I too need more hours in the day.


  6. I know just what your saying....same thing here!!

  7. Hi Julia!
    I love that quilt and the blocks would be great for a table runner. What a great idea! Would look so nice for the holidays!
    Blessings to you!

  8. I think the table runner would be a very nice gift. I like the colors you have used in your blocks!

  9. Something for Christmas Julia. It has that green and gold looks. I like the colour of your quilt. Have a great weekend - Hugs Nat

  10. Love the idea of a tablerunner with the leftovers. I think we need to stop eating and sleeping. Think of all the extra time we would have :-)

  11. Oh, I hear you loud and clear!! Take care and love the quilt and left overs!

  12. What a lovely idea for your blocks. No such thing as leftovers, really, in quilting?
    Huga Julia.XX

  13. HI Julia is very nice... i don't have too much time for sewwing.. sick.. Naw i sewing my big quilt puff.... I hope i finish for Christmas...
    Big hugs and great day....

  14. What a good idea for the left over blocks Julia. They have good Christmas colours.

  15. I really like the idea of using these blocks as a table runner and gift! good for you!
    can't wait to see it done
    if you find a way for more hours in a day to sew, please tell us!

  16. Your left overs will look great as a tablerunner and as you said another gift done.

    Yes I always say I would like a 48hr day. Do not understand when people say they are bored.

  17. Its an awesome looking quilt Julia and the tablerunner will make someone very happy at Christmas...and i think that its the wish of every crafters to have more time and atleast 8 arms!!but its weekend for now and i hope to make some log cabin blocks this hoppin tonight so that is already out of the way and start tomorrow after the groceriesshopping..
    have a great weekend ♥ Francien.

  18. OMG! I love the runner, Julia. That is such a pretty idea. Love the quilt, also.

    Have a lovely day. Come enter our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY, if you haven't. TTFN ~ Marydon

  19. Yipee... leftovers are just the best. You can create all sorts of wonderful things with them. Looks like you are on the right track thinking about a table runner.


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