Thursday, November 12

Friendship Day Out...

" Girlfriends" were invited to join another group up in town for a friendship day with them...that's Lurline in the red top.
It was wonderful, I had such a great time, the group is called WAGS...not sure what it stands for, but the ladies were lovely, made us so welcome...
The ladies had made up morning tea, sandwiches, etc. for lunch and afternoon much food!
I asked if I could take pics of their show and tell...these quilts were laying on the floor so the angle of the quilts is not great, but you can still see how lovely they are!
The above quilt was a mystery quilt, I don't know how they did it, but just look at the beautiful quilt they ended up with...

I thought this quilt was stunning, and white quilt always look stunning.
That red feature across the middle are going to be music notes that will say the "Happy Birthday" clever is that!
I loved this quilt...this picture does not do it justice. The setting is gorgeous...I still have not made a's on my list!
How about this lovely quilt....Tulips in Baskets....beautifully made and finished off...
I would like to say a big Thank You, to the ladies in WAGS for making us so welcome, it was a lovely Friendship Day...
I just wish I could remember the ladies names that made these quilts...I knew I should have written them down...all credit goes to these talented ladies!
It's raining....good day to do some sewing! ....♥


  1. Looks like great fun Julia. You know me, my favorite quilt is the tulips in baskets! That black/white is very stunning though. Enjoy your sewing projects.

  2. All of the show and tell quilts are wonderful. Glad you had such a nice day.

  3. Thanks for a lovely Show and Tell. Love those Tulips :-)

  4. Hi Julia,
    Looks like a great fun day.. Love the photos of the quilts, they're gorgeous. Very talented bunch of ladies.

  5. It looks like a great day out and the quilts are just incredible!

  6. What a wunderful the log cabin but the other ones are stunning too...must have bin a great day out...looks cosy!!

  7. Thankyou for sharing the WAGS ladie's quilts. They are lovely indeed!


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