Tuesday, November 10


I have not been very productive these last few days....family and life have been first priority.
Last Saturday night we celebrated our DGD's 21st ... here's a few photos, not the best, but I'm so proud of my family I wanted to share them with you..

It was a wonderful night...here's son Joe-Da-Chef busy cooking up a storm in his outdoor oven. Joe loves his outdoor oven and the food he cooks in it is amazing...I can't begin to tell you what we had...it was all so wonderful!

It was a lovely balmy night, DGD and boyfriend made a lovely couple, they met at Uni, both are studying Forensic....DGD looked like a princess in her beautiful pink frock, with a crystal band around the waist and sprinklings of crystals all over the frock

Here's proud Mum and Dad and DGS looking on while DGD thanked everyone.

The cake was to die for...little pink and white chocolate roses covered the top.

Dear DIL had been on her feet all day and just had to end up taking her high heels off ...it was a lovely evening and in a couple of years time we will be celebrating DGS's 21st!
My how the years have gone by so quickly...it doesn't seem that long ago I was knitting little jumpers and making pretty little dresses for her...

Must get off this computer and get the day started, see if I can fit in some sewing today
Take care...♥


  1. Looks like it was a lovely celebration for a lovely young lady. And that outdoor oven is WONDERFUL!!!

  2. What a beautiful granddaughter! It is so nice to see Joe's family pictured all together. So glad that you all enjoyed the celebration together. That cake is marvelous!

  3. oh what a beautiful family! thank you for sharing that special day!

  4. You do have a lovely family....that outdoor oven looks amazing!!

  5. What a wonderful evening it lloks like Julia, I can't believe you have a 21yr old grand child.

  6. Happy 21st to DGD, what a lovely lady she is. You are a proud DGM. Congratulations to the couple too - Hugs Nat

  7. Looks like everyone had fun Best wishes to the Birthday Girl
    Hugs Janice

  8. What a lovely celebration, that oven looks amazing. Your DGD's dress is gorgeous and she does look beautiful.

  9. What a nice celebration! Everyone one looks so lovely.

  10. Happy Birthday to your DGD. Beautiful!!

  11. Hi Julia, 21st congratulations to your GD, who not only looks lovely here but also very like you.



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